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I had a very nice weekend with my boy. I can’t believe it’s over already though. It went too fast. :hissyfit:

Yesterday it rained ALL day. Which wasn’t a bad thing. We needed the rain. But it made for a long day with not a lot to do. So I packed him up at about 2:30 and we headed to Garden Ridge. Originally I was headed to the mall but it seemed like everyone had that same idea, so I switched gears.

Garden Ridge proved to be more fun. They had all their Halloween stuff out and the Sweetie Boy thought it was all so cool. They had one of those giant globe things with this black tissue paper cut into tiny bats and it was blowing around. When he saw it, he was awed. Even said, “WOW!” The people around us thought he was funny. We looked at everything and he pushed ALL the buttons, too.

Then we looked at Christmas stuff. Yes, they have all their Christmas things out and it’s barely Septemeber. Sweetie Boy was enamored with the white tree because it had snow on it. He wants me to get that for the new house this year. Since I’ll need one, it’s a consideration. I’m definitely going prelit so I don’t have to mess with the lights.

Seeing all the decorations for the yard made me want to be in that house that much more. Not this year, but definitely next, I’m going to get some things for the outside and decorate. It’s going to be great fun.

The apartment has been getting smaller and smaller what with all the boxes I have packed. So I made a decision today and rented a small 4 x 5 storage unit. I made two trips this afternoon and moved all the boxes there to give me more space. I then packed up the remaining four boxes I had. All the nonbreakable kitchen items are packed. Most of my closet items are packed. And a lot of nonessentials are packed and in the storage shed. We did all this moving while it rained (I say “we” but the kiddo mainly just ran up and down the corridor of the indoor storage area…he thought that was great fun).

By the time we got back, I was exhausted and starving so I cooked dinner. Afterward he finished up his homework and then we watched Tom & Jerry and then it was bath and bed time.

I have this great sense of accomplishment even though I didn’t get any writing done. I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with things and that it’s all getting resolved.

Oh I did get the chapter newsletter out today, too. Now I just need to write my own and get it out.

This week is going to be a busy one. I have lots to do and that big meeting on Thursday to prepare for. A little nervous about that but I think it’ll go okay. I hope it goes okay. I sort of feel like it’s a dress rehearsal for my future position for some reason. And it’s not that the boss is making me feel like that – it’s all self induced stress and pressure. I want to do a good job and I want to prove to myself I can do it (yeah, okay, and to the others, too).

I just watched National Open House on HGTV (can I confess I’m totally hooked on that channel?). They featured homes in Appleton, WI, Baltimore, MD, and Seattle, WA. I’m thinking that Appleton looks like a very nice place to live. However, I refuse to freeze my bum off so that’s out. Then again, I’m sweating it off here in Texas.

I don’t think I could ever leave Texas. I have roots here. Was born here. Grew up here. And I have that Texas pride that only comes with the Natives. I will definitely die here and I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world (unless of course it’s with Gerard Butler in Scotland. That is very doable).

Okay I’m totaly rambling here and it’s time for me to get off to the day job. I need to drop the Sweetie Boy off at the sitter, too. Gosh I’m going to miss him after having him for five straight days. Hopefully I’ll be too busy to notice much, though.

Hope everyone has a lovely week.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.