And…it’s Monday

Progress Update: 2242 on Friday; major banquet scene is drafted. Revelations have been made and now matchmaking will ensue. 🙂

I’m always amazed at how fast the weekend goes! Suddenly, it’s Monday.

We didn’t do much of anything this weekend except run around. We seemed to go to Lowe’s way too much and spend way too much money. However, I got a new little plant for the backyard that’s very heat friendly. And it doesn’t need much watering. And the birds don’t sit in it and poop. They killed my flowers before. Hopefully, this will keep them from trampling all over it. It gets full sun most of the day. I watered it yesterday but it’s already dry again. I think I’ll give it a week and then water it again.

I also bought a new aloe vera plant. I re-potted it into a bigger pot so it’d have room to grow. So far, so good. This one lives outside in the front of the house, so hopefully it won’t die a slow death like the last one. I also planted some morning glories in another hanging basket for the front. I’m not great with seeds – I’m still having trouble getting the cilantro to sprout – but I thought I’d give it a try and see how it goes. Hopefully they’ll grow. 🙂 The front of the house faces west, so we get all the hot afternoon sun. The tomatoes and herbs love it. We’ll see how the flowers fare.

We didn’t grill this weekend. Instead, we went for Mexican food on Sunday per the Man’s request, being Father’s Day and all. We stuffed ourselves. I had a swirl margarita and it was delish. Then we went to DSW and I couldn’t find ONE pair to spend my $10 gift certificate on. That’s sad. I’m looking for some wedges but I don’t like any of the styles they had. I’ll keep looking, though.

Then it was back home where I made banana pudding and put it in these mini trifle dishes. SO CUTE! I love them. I saw Sandra Lee make this on Food Network a few weekends ago and I was hot to have the dishes. Found them at WalMart for $2 each (I bought four) and then finally made the pudding up this weekend. It was SO GOOD. I made all four and put two in the fridge for tonight. I can’t wait.

I also get this awesome little magazine that has wonderful simple recipes in it. There were about four we wanted to try this week so I bought all the stuff for it. One of it is this tilapia which I’m really looking forward to. I made a list of the four dishes I want to try this week so I wouldn’t forget. We spent a small fortune at the store this weekend in an effort to eat more at home instead of fast food or restaurant. I’m actually really looking forward to cooking!

Didn’t get any writing in this weekend but I did think about it a lot. I’ll be back at it today for sure.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.