And My Cat #SirDexter

So. A friend of mine posted this hilarious cat video on my Facebook page a while ago. I was in tears, I was laughing so hard. Now, the same day as this was posted, I was telling my husband about the paint fumes at work because a couple of offices were being painted and I jokingly said I was feeling pretty high before I left work that day. THEN I watched this video and thought it was hilarious. I showed my 14 year old son and was weeping again with laughter. He only slightly grinned as much as a 14 year old can do. And then he very stoically asked me, “Mom, are you still high?” Kids, man. Anyway… the video was similar to this one:

So I thought it would be hilarious to try on my cat. Here is the result of that experiment.

Yeah. So that didn’t go as planned. Sir Dexter was NOT amused. Still made me laugh tho.

By Michelle

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