And the beat goes on…

Progress Update: 1296 / 36,611 and I’m getting closer…I think it’s going to be more like 40k instead of 50k, which is cool with me cuz I’m ready for it to be complete

SO! Hi. Yesterday was a pretty h0-hum day. The only two things of note that happened was I bought my plane ticket for Nationals (woo!) and Lowe’s called and will be coming to install my new storm door today at lunchtime. YAY! Very excited bout that. I can finally say goodbye to the broken door behind held together by duct tape!

Got home. Worked on the contest. Emailed MIA judges about their entries and begged for them. Got some response. I will call the reinforcements tonight if I don’t have any response from them. *sigh* It’s a bit frustrating. Especially since I’m trying to wrap this up and get it to the final judges by Monday. I would love to be able to announce finalists in the next two weeks.

I did a little digging on some ancient South American cultures yesterday (thanks, Devon, for the idea). I’m interested in the Nazca, the Moche and the Wari. The culture I pick, though, needs to have some form of written language, even if it’s just glyphs. I just started to scratch the surface, so I need to dig deeper. I may need to spend some time at the library or Half Price Books or something.

We’re supposed to get heavy storms on Friday. This is tornado season now that the weather is starting to warm up some. I don’t like that part, but I do love the warmer weather!

Happy Tuesday, y’all.

By Michelle

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