Wow. What a day yesterday was. Some of you may have already heard and know the news, but I’ll tell you here. 

As of June 30, Inara Press is closing. I know Dawn and Sara worked hard and very long hours to make sure Inara Press would work, but I also understand how difficult it is to do that when you have small at-home children. And while I’m sad to see Inara go, I’m also delighted Ransom & Fortune got another shot at being a serial once again. 

To all my subscribers – you will continue to receive your first season of Ransom & Fortune as promised. I agreed with Dawn to allow that. Please be sure to log into your account at Inara Press and download all the issues to your computer as the site will be taken down as of July 1. 

But this is not the end of Ransom & Fortune’s tale. Oh no. For every gray cloud, there is a silver lining. :grin: 

I’ll have more on that later, though. So stay tuned, folks! 

I did get some writing done last night – but it was unexpected writing. :hehe: 

I have the itch to redo my website. I want something different, something that captures the essence of my writing style and helps promote me. I love the design of what I have now, but I want something not-so-dark. And I want the blog to match the website. So…I’m thinking about it and trying to decide what to do. There is someone I have in mind for that so I think I’ll bend his ear a little bit this weekend. 

Anyway – not much else to blog about today other than I’m happy it’s Friday and looking forward to the weekend. 

The Collective You will be recording it’s first podcast this weekend. So – yet another thing to stay tuned for. ;) 

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.