I’m blogging over at the Chicas today! Stop on by. 

Ever since I upgraded the blog, it’s been giving me fits. I’m about 2.3 seconds away from emailing customer support with my hosting service and tell them to put it back. It’s really ticking me off. I have to log out and log back in to start a new post. And it won’t delete some of the categories I want to delete for some reason.

Anyway. LOST kind of annoyed me last night. And so did Hurley. His character the entire episode just bugged me.

And I don’t have much to blog about so if you want entertainment value, check out Voodoo’s blog here. I wept when I read this entry. It’s so dang funny. This part left me in stitches:

Take a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.  Melt it all the way down to liquid form. Add a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Get a peppermint and hit it with a hammer until it is in tiny bits.  Pour them into the melted ice cream.  Stir and then pour it into your mouth.  Don’t swallow.  Just swish it around. 

So do yourself a favor and please go read my Best Good Friend’s blog. Gaw, I haven’t lauhged that hard in a long time.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.