Another Busy Weekend Done

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 I’m always happy when Friday is done with and the weekend can start. The problem is, the weekend goes by way too fast.

We finally got some rain Friday not – about two inches. It was so much needed but it made it very humid outside. And the temps were still in the 90s. Ugh. I’m so ready for jacket weather! Saturday was Clean The House Day. There was a lot of clutter everywhere and since we’re getting an estimate on a bathroom remodel on Wednesday night, I knew it had to be done. I didn’t want the guy to think we were slobs. So we picked up around the house and did some light cleaning. Husband scrubbed down the kitchen sink. In fact, it was so clean the kiddo said, “WOW! What happened to the sink?” LOL It’s supposed to be white, not stained with coffee.

I had cashed in my DiscoverCard rewards and got $100 in Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards. I bought a new over the toilet storage unit for the second bathroom. Much needed storage! The Man put it together on Sunday and it’s made a world of difference in that bathroom.

We did our marathon grocery shopping trip, too. I actually made a menu. I’m going to roast a whole chicken sometime this week or next, as well as make some tilapia, skirt steak with roasted veggies. Plus, we bought some radishes and I’m going to roast them. For our Sunday night dinner, I made meatball subs. They were so good! I also had some pie shells that have been sitting in the freezer needing to be used. I made lemon crumb pie and ice cream pie. The lemon pie was divine and so easy to make. For the ice cream pie, I baked the shell and then mixed orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell of course!), put in the shell and back into the freezer. We’ll be trying that tonight. I can’t wait! I have my Twitter/FB pal, Barb, to thank for that one. And I still have two more pie shells to use. So this weekend is apple pie weekend. 🙂

The Man brought home the furniture from the office but the desk is so big I don’t think it will fit in the office. I think I’d still like to empty it, repaint and get a new desk that will fit. And we’re still planning on putting in the pocket door.

As far as writing… I have lots of projects I’m juggling at the moment. I got my release date of ONE KNIGHT ONLY: September 29! So I’ve been busy setting up blog tours and getting some promo going. I’m excited about the release and am looking forward to getting it out there. 🙂

And so another week begins. Have a good one!

By Michelle

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