Another Busy Weekend

Quote of the Day:
What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond-buckled shoe.
– Aileen Mehle

What a weekend. I think I drove about 200 miles this weekend. And it was really all worth it.

Saturday morning, I picked up Sweetie Boy. We went back to my place and I finished up laundry and stuff and then we headed to my brother’s house (which his sort of south and east of where I live) for the afternoon/evening/spending the night. We played a rousing game of Texas Hold ‘Em of which I totally suck at and made Cosmopolitans. My brother kept telling me and Sysenlaw how they were so gross, yet we were pretty happy drinking them. So happy everything was hysterical by about the third round of drinks. So, we tied one on.

The next morning we were horrified to discover we had killed nearly and entire liter of vodka.


The thing is, even though we drank so much, the next morning we felt fairly good. Aside from a small headache that coffee couldn’t cure, that is.

Then we headed to my mother’s house, which was about a 45 minute drive. Our plan to was to head north to the cemetery and put flowers out at Dad’s grave. So we picked her up and got back in the car and drove another hour away.

At least it wasn’t scorching hot out there and there was a nice breeze. My aunts and uncles and grandparents are all buried there, too, so we visited the graves, decorated them, and then headed out. Back to my mother’s. Another hour in the car.

We had the best dinner there too. Brisket, potato salad, baked beans. Wow, it was all so good. I stuffed myself until I couldn’t eat anymore.

I headed home after that to drop off Sweetie Boy but he had mommy-syndrome in a bad way. He was very clingy and insisting he wanted to come home with me. I ended up taking him back to my place and letting him spend the night. He did the same thing this morning when I tried to drop him off at the sitter’s. Very clingy and not wanting me to leave. I was finally able to get him to give me a hug and kiss and let me go to work.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. A hectic weekend. And I’ve decided I want to buy a house. Now, getting approved for the loan and paying off the bills is an entire OTHER matter…

By Michelle

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