Another Contest

Got comments back from the Dixie Kane. Out of a possible 50 I GOT 39, 42, 47, and 47. Fairly decent.

So why, then, does the ms. NOT final? I can’t figure it out. Most of the comments were good. One judge didn’t bother to write ANYTHING. Just score it. 😕 Then I got comments ranging from “action seems contrived” to “has lots of wonderful potential; overall impressive.”

Another contest I entered notified the finalist today. Got nada in my email box. Guess that means it’s a loser, too. Oh well.

Maybe I need to stop wasting my money on contests. Or just give up on this manuscript altogether. Either the ms. just stinks (which I really don’t think) or people just don’t get it. I’m thinking it’s more like the latter. Since it’s FANTASY and not really a historical paranormal, I really think it’s hard to put the ms. in the paranormal category (which is usually my only choice).

Maybe I’ll just go have a cup of coffee and think on it some more. :coffee:

By Michelle

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