Another Day

Did some tweaking on the new blog. I like this new look, but I have a vision. It will take me a while to get there because I’ll have to learn the code. I think I can do it though if I can ever find the time. For now, this will be just fine. I know I left off some blog links and other links, but as I stumble upon them I’ll get them back on here in time.

I find the older I get the more difficult it gets to remember and learn things.

Went to the interview today. It went well I think. I tried to sell myself and the fact that being with the company before would have its advantages. However, I’m annoyed. The new manager asked me why I wanted to come back to the company. I told her it was because I am not a numbers person and I don’t belong in accounting, that I really didn’t like what I did.

“Really? I heard you left because you didn’t like what you were doing.”

While I was in my interview, I got a call from a recruiter about a marketing assistant job – but it’s in Dallas. *blech* I despise Dallas and everything about it. I hate the traffic and I’d be spending 2-2 1/2 of my day again in the car. Which isn’t so bad if you have a radio (which I don’t at the moment). I’m going to call her, though, and see just exactly where it is. If it’s in downtown, it’ll be x’ed from the list. Unless the pay is off the scale, which I doubt.

Baltimore is starting to look better and better.

Since I’m still behind on the serials, I better get to it.

By Michelle

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