Another R&F Review

Quote of the Day:
No matter who says what, you should accept it with a smile and do your own work.
– Mother Teresa

What a day yesterday was. Total freakness all damn day. And way too much to get into here. Mostly office stuff. I get so sick of the office politics and the petty bickering. It’s annoying. However, IT Guy made me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants. That was the highpoint of the day.

Since the day was so FUBARed, I went to the grocery store, bought a six pack of hard cider and a steak, went home, drank and cooked dinner. It was yummy. Then I took a very hot shower to relax my tired muscles. Then I went to my computer and opened my email to find a note from Inara about a new review that had come in for the serials, mine included.

I was excited to see the stellar review from Romance at Heart here.

There’s so much GOOD in this review, I don’t know what to post. The words breathtaking and spine-tingling read and captivating read. I think this is one of my favorite sentences though: “The character of Dane has such an animal magnetism the reader could practically feel his voice lift from the pages and even get a breeze of him walking.” See why I’m in love with this man? 😉 And here’s a good one: “With good descriptions, a great setting, impeccable detail and tight writing, this story is fast-paced and a remarkable roller coaster ride full of thrills and excitement.”

Bugger, you’ll just have to go read it yourself! 🙂

Okay this entry has taken me about 3 hours to write. I gotta wrap it up. Ya’ll have a grand Wednesday!

By Michelle

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