Another Saturday

We had some errands to run today. One included a trip across town. Afterwards, we had a yummy lunch at Taco Bueno, then stopped in Best Buy and Office Depot. Oh and the bike shop. My little boy wants a “yewwow jersey like Yance.” Translated that means, he wants a yellow jersey like Lance Armstrong.

Yeah, I know I haven’t done a Tour de France update, but I figure why should I? Lance is in the lead. He’s going to win in Paris tomorrow. He roasted poor Jan Ullrich in today’s time trial. And poor Rasmusson crashed two and changed bikes twice and dropped from 3rd to 7th. Lance looked really good today in the time trials. Go Lance! We’ll be watching tomorrow to see how he takes Paris. 😉

Anyhoo… we bought the movie Closer today on DVD. Walked into Best Buy and WHOA they had moved everything. As I looked around I blurted, “Crap! They moved everything!” An employee was standing nearby and overheard me (oops). But really.. they shouldn’t do that to tried and true customers like us. LOL Anyway, we got a freebie hard rock CD out of the deal (YESS).

Then we get to the register to pay (my son had to get a bag of Skittles while in line – I hate impulse items). The DVD rang up $22.99 instead of $19.99 and the dumb girl has the gall to say, “I’ll have to void it and re-enter. Are you sure you want me to do that?”

Yer damn skippy! It’s three dollars of MY hard earned money, chickadee. So sorry it inconvenienced her. 😡

Made her redo it. Then went to Office Depot and bought some ink for our color printer. Found the ergonomic keyboard I want, but decided to wait until payday next week to get it. I think it’ll help my wrist strain. I don’t really have carpel tunnel, just severe wrist strain on my left wrist.

Compiled a list of RWA recognized agents and included all their info – agency, address, contact, response time, submission guidelines, etc. I’m about to FLOOD the market with query letters.

Look out Literary Agents – Here comes Mik!

Okay.. off to have a very large glass of water and TRY to finish the book. Yikes.

By Michelle

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