Another Week Begins

So we’re heading fast and furiously into September, aren’t we?

First of all, it rained! I can’t believe it. Wet stuff actually came down from the sky and hit the pavement for a good 20 minutes. Imagine! It might actually be below 100 degrees today…maybe. But I doubt it. I’m so sick of this heat. It’s getting downright annoying now.

Second of all, I’m blogging over at ShoeIQ. Check it out!

And third of all, please check out my good friend’s new website and business, Shot In The Dark Mysteries for all your murder mystery needs. She just launched and a big congrats to you girl! I’m happy for you!

And now for something completely different… I have news!

After months of looking, sweating, saving, hoping, planning, and worrying… I finally found a house. I’ve been looking at listings for about two months now and I didn’t know if I could make it happen or not. So a couple of months ago, I pulled my credit and found out I have a very high score, much to my surprise. So I figured it was worth a shot.

Then I found a realtor I really liked when I first talked to her. Informative and no BS involved. Not pushy. Just whenever I’m ready to start looking, let her know.

Then one day it happened – a brand new listing appeared in my email box and when I read the description, I knew. It had to be the one. So I scheduled a viewing and went to look at it. It was nice, but I wasn’t still quite convinced. So I looked at one more house (to be sure) and made up my mind on the spot. I put in an offer, they countered the next day, I accepted and WA-LA! I have a contract on a house. I close toward the end of September.

I’m already prequalified for a loan, too. I talked with a lender and told him my situation and my credit worthiness and he said it’d be NO problem getting my financed. Another relief.

And while it’s not a new house (it’s as old as me!), I can certainly tell the previous owners took care of it and it’s well maintained. That will all come out when it’s time for the inspection, though. Things are going to move fast now and I’m closing a lot sooner than I expected. Luckily, I’ve started collecting boxes and I’ve even started packing up stuff I don’t need on a daily (monthly?) basis.

The really cool thing to me is – I’ve done it all on my own without any help from anyone. Gaw, it’s frightening sometimes. And then sometimes, I feel like such a grownup. :hehe:

Anyway, glad to have that situation resolved in my life. I am finally going to have an office just for writing! Woohoo!

And to keep my mind occupied and not thinking about the house, I worked on edits for Ransom & Fortune. Got them all done. I told myself I would have to get them finished before I went through closing and had to move.

Now I need to tackle the finale of NGD, don’t I? Got to get that done and soon!

I am so ready to move!

All right enough of that… I’m off to work. This is going to be a very busy week!

I need :coffee:

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.