Another Weekend for the History Books

The first week of November is done and over with and filed away for past reference. I guess every time I look at the calendar, I’m startled by how quickly this year has gone by. Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating New Years. I’m already thinking about Christmas dinner. And I even started my shopping.

Twas a good weekend. With the Man out of town, the Kid and I stayed busy. We had an early morning soccer game, which I always dread since we have to get up early. So early it was. Except it was earlier than I really wanted. The cat, you see, knew his bowl was empty and thus thought he was starving. Which meant he sat at the foot of my bed and meowed his head off promptly at 7 am. I’m sure he wanted to know why I wasn’t up yet. His stomach is still on daylight savings time, I suppose.

So I got up and made coffee and fed the cat. Got the kid up, fed him, too, and then off to the game. They boys played hard and they won. Even the kiddo got a good scoring chance which was kind of exciting.

After McDonald’s for lunch, we went to Office Depot and he talked me into get him a new binder for school. It was actually much needed since his other one was falling apart. And we haven’t even made it to the end of the second six weeks! I got him a much nicer, sturdier binder so hopefully this one will last until the end of the school year.

I still had errands to run, but he had a birthday party to go to so I dropped him off and then spent some time at Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. Have I ever said how much I totally love walking into Best Buy and sniffing electronics? I think it’s my second favorite story (B&N being the first). I’m planning Chrismtas presents and trying to decide what to get and where. I have a pretty good idea what I want to get and how much I want to spend. I need to stay within budget so I have a set amount and I can’t go over it.

Picked up the kid. Couldn’t face cooking so ordered pizza and wings and watched the Stars lose. sigh

By the time I got the kiddo in bed, I was ready to relax. I laid on the couch and watched HGTV and texted the Man about House Hunters International my observations. I fell asleep sometime after that and woke up around 1 am and stumbled to bed. I had wacky dreams (about the nose of an airplane crashing in my backyard – what is UP with that? – and being thankful it missed the house. Only to see the other half crash right through the house next door… yeah… weird…) and slept til 9 am. It was nice. Well, except for the weird plane-crashing dream.

Picked up Man at the airport mid-afternoon followed by a trip to Lowe’s. The toilet in the master bath has just about bit the dust so we actually looked at toilets and priced them and discussed whether or not we could install it ourselves. I’m pretty sure we could; he thinks that’s a no. I’m thinking we should save the $150 install and do it ourselves. I think I have him about talked into it. 😀

Cooked chicken fried steak for dinner. Watched the Cowboys game until the end of the 3rd quarter and then got digusted (I detest Philadelphia and the refs were throwing a flag every few minutes; it was annoying) and turned it off.

And then that was it. The weekend done and over with. Another two days shot and nothing buy clean laundry and a clean house to show for it.

Lots of things to do today so I guess I best get to it. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.