Are we having fun yet?

Hey I’m blogging over at RomErotica today if you want to stop by! I’m talking about the new year and goals.

Well, I made it through first full week of January 2009 with only a few minor incidents. Still, on Monday, I couldn’t help but whine, Are we there yet? Meaning… is it Friday yet?

Yesterday morning started off with a… bang. I had a slight moment of stupidity. Okay TWO moments of stupidity. I was driving to work as per the usual. I ended up getting behind this really annoying and slow red Toyota Celica as I got off the highway and into downtown. Now, I’m not a patient sort (shocking, I know) so I was even more preturbed when he turned right on 4th Street and I was still following him.

So I did what I would normally do. I got in the other lane next to him and ended up first at the next red light. I was in the left lane. (Keep in mind there are one way streets in downtown.) So I see up ahead the lane is blocked before my turn. I judged how fast I needed to get over. The light changes and I go on my merry way. I’m tootling along up the street and realize, as I go under the next light that… it’s red. For whatever reason, I was super lucky because no one was coming the other way. Otherwise, I would have been slammed in the side. Nice one, eh?

So I’m all freaked out about running the red light. Understand I never ever run red lights. I’m a good, law-abiding citizen. I drive the speed limit and stop for lights (okay, so I do speed on occasion…). I was all shook up about the incident that I guess I lost my head for a second. I turned into the drive for the parking garage and somehow forgot about the dip in the road.

I drive a small low to the ground car. So imagine my surprise when, going approximately 10 mph, I hear a CRUNCH as I bounce over the damn dip in the driveway. Oh, that can’t be good.

So now I’m freaked out yet again. I get to a parking space, get out and survey the damage. There’s this lip under the front bumper – I suspect for drivers like me who can’t remember there’s a damn dip in the road – for such things. It’s hanging off the front of the car by a thread. So I yanked it off and threw it in the trunk.

At lunchtime, I had Man take a look at it. He said there was no body damage to the car but I should really get that replaced. CRAP. I’m sure it’s about a $200 part and it will cost me about $500 in labor. For the moment, I’m so not going to worry about it. The extra car part now resides in my garage.

Luckily, I had no incidents on the way home. However, the evening was a bit…trying with the kiddo. I love him tremendously but he was driving me absolutely bonkers. I did get an extraordinary amount of work done on the computer on chapter business and other stuff. So I feel good about that. However, I am still behind on the writing part.

I’ve discovered, though, reading other writer’s work has really inspired me. I have the good fortune right now to read a friend’s YA work and I have to say… it’s so clever and brilliant. I’m absolutely in love with his characters. I started reading (it’s over 200 pages) and thought I’d just read a few pages but I was instantly sucked in and couldn’t stop. It’s just wonderful.

I have some other work to read and critique this weekend, which is already jam-packed with stuff to do. Tomorrow morning is my monthly RWA meeting and then lunch with the gals, and then back to pick up the kiddo. I promised him a movie, so we’ll do that. Then I have to get the grocery store because I’m totally out of coffee creamer and I can’t live without that. And cookies. I must get more cookies.

I’m still looking for Fashionistas for the fashion blog, so if you know of anything who’d like to participate, please pass along the info.

Okay… that’s it for me. TGIF!!

By Michelle

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