Today has been one of those frustrating/annoying days.

First of all, I woke up at 6 am but managed to get back to sleep until I heard the coffee pot at 7. I finally gave up and got up, drank some coffee and made cinnamon rolls.

After the Sweetie Boy got up, we ate breakfast, I showered, and then we hit the ground running. We went to the post office first because I wanted to beat the crowd. WRONG. The line was already out the door so we left. Went to the bank which actually wasn’t a somewhat pleasant experience. The drive-thru was actually super fast. Still, it was kind of a beating. Then, because I still had a package to mail, I knew I had to either face the post office or find some other place. There was a Box & Mail place up the street, so I went there.

Twenty dollars later (ARGH), I was out of there and back home. Made grocery list and headed to the grocery store where the annoyance commenced. The child hung on my leg the ENTIRE time I tried to shop. I mean, HUGGED my leg. Made it damn near impossible to walk and shop. Drove me nuts. Told him to stop. So instead he gets in front of me to help me push the cart. Or as I paused to look at items on the shelf, he’d run the cart into my ankles. In the middle of my struggle with the kiddo, The Man calls and immediatley puts me on hold because just as I answered my phone, he got another call. Now, at this point my patience is very thin. I hang up.

Incidentally, I should mention that is FREEZING in the grocery store. Granted, it IS 80 degrees outside, but does that mean you have to have the AC on Meatlocker? HELLO.

So the kid is still cold and still hugging my leg as I’m walking and The Man calls me back. And I’m struggling with trying to follow the list, keep the kid off me long enough to push the cart, AND talk on the phone. I finally just tell The Man it’s not working and hang up. Then I had instant guilt becuase I was short and snappish.

Oh and WHY the EFF is there no Redi-Whip at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market? Or fennel? Now I have to go to another effing store. :censored:

So I finally get through all of that nonsense with the kid at the store and get home to unload the groceries. Call Man back BUT as I’m trying to get to him the broad who answered the phone totally ticked me off. She decided she’d screen his calls and then she didn’t even give me to the right person! It’s like I got the assistant manager or something. So once I got The Man on the phone I, of course, bitched about the fact that (a) she screened the call, (b) I had to ask MORE THAN ONCE to talk to him, and (c) she didn’t bother to get me to the right person! :yelling:

So now I’ve made my list for Super Target so I can get the rest of the stuff for my roast pork loin for dinner tonight. I just hope I’m not distracted and forget something. Again.


By Michelle

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