Quote of the Day:
“Yeah, but I do it backward and in heels!”
– Ginger Rogers

Is it Monday already? Again? My how fast the weekend goes.

Yesterday I sent out my first newsletter! But because it was through Yahoo Groups, it got all messed up. :yelling: So I am working on a new list from a website that Colin referred me to. Thanks, Colin! I know the newsletter is called “The Monthly Grind” (and no, it’s not what you think – get yer mind out of the gutter! I’m referring to coffee…duh!) but I may send out another quickie update next week with a sneak peek at my coming release. As soon as I get the code for the new newsletter, I’ll get it up on the website and then people can sign up. For now, if you’ve signed up, I have moved you over to the new list. Whew.

I worked on the contest all day yesterday. I got no writing done. But the contest was important and after about four hours of doing that nonstop, I had a raging headache. I managed to sit through Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. (As a sidenote, Desperate Housewives is getting rather bothersome with a few of the storylines. As far as Grey’s Anatomy, I’m highly annoyed Derek and his wife might be getting back together.)

This is a day, for sure. Without going into too much detail, it’s about the ongoing situational drama of my ridiculous life. Sometimes you have to let go of the past and accept the present so you can face the future. The problem is, I’m not sure I want to face the future. I’m not sure I can. OH, I know, I have all this great stuff with the writing happening. I have fantastic friends who love me unconditionally (though I know I must be getting on their last nerve by now!). I have a cat who likes to sit in my lap and purr. I have my own place and pay my own bills and spend my own money when I want and no one gives a crap.

But then there are the days where I think about everything that’s happened and is happening. I can’t write. I can’t sit down long enough to compose a frickin’ sentence, much less finish a manuscript. And it worries me. I want to succeed – I really do. But sometimes I just don’t have the energy and it depresses me. And I miss my kid and I feel like a total :censored: loser mom.

Sorry, folks. I best shut it up before this turns into another pity party.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.