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Yesterday, I blogged over at Samhain about my NaNo experience. If you get a chance, check it out! Click here.

So my company’s awards banquet is on Friday and every year we have a different theme. Last year it was movies (and so much fun!) and this year it’s the Olympics. It’s still so much fun but it’s a TON of work.

We wanted to have an Olympic torch but the hotel frowns on open flames inside the building. So. We had to come up with some other way to make a torch and light the big torch like in the Opening Ceremonies. We had various ideas on how to do it and talked about it for days. Finally, since the banquet is tomorrow, Co-Worker and I took the bull by the horns and came up with ideas for making the torch. She worked on the big one (the one that gets lit) and I worked on the one that does the lighting.

This is the result.

One of the other gals in the department actually bought all the supplies. Co-Worker and I just figured out a way to put it all together.

We started with a cone shape of stryofoam. Then I used red and gold pipe cleaners and bent them in half. I took the colored cellophane and sort of wrapped it around the pipe cleaners and cut it so it made sort of a jagged flame-y look. hehe I stuck the pipe cleaners in the flat part of the cone.

When I got home, I wrapped the cone in black construction paper. I have to say for me – because I’m geometrically challenged – it was hard! I finally got it all pieced together. I used hot glue (and finding the hot glue gun was a feat in and of itself seeing as how it was buried at the back of the closet in the office. Underneath the kiddos Christmas presents…total pain to get out…). The silver is Christmas tinsel and I only used half of a streamer. Of course, when I cut it in half, it made a giant mess. I wrapped it around the top, then used the gold tinsel to wrap around the bottom. It looks fairly good I think. And I only burned my fingers a couple of times. ūüėÄ

I think it looks… torchy. Hopefully it’s not too cheesy. I’m sure it will give the effect we need without going too overboard.

So that was my project when the kiddo¬†went to bed.¬†I had to run errands when I got off work¬†after I picked him up. I was a bad¬†mom and¬†got Chick-Fil-A for dinner. My waistline¬†certainly didn’t appreciate that.¬†Tonight, I’m going to cook…something. I don’t know¬†what yet but something other than fattening fast food has to be on the menu.¬†I also baked my cheesecake for Saturday’s shin-dig with my RWA chapter.

Today we have to make the gift baskets. And then we get to load everything in our various vehicles for Friday’s festivities. I am SO looking forward to next week when things calm down (I could just be kidding myself, though, seeing as how Christmas is nearing…).

Okay that’s it for me. I’m off to work. And BRR it got cold!!

By Michelle

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