At Biblio Paradise Today

Hi everyone! I’m over at Devon’s Biblio Paradise if you want to swing by and read my interview. Just click here.

Also, I’ve resurrected by Stiletto blog and there are new posts up now! There will be new ones a couple times a week so if you get a chance, check it out here.

Had a good weekend. Saturday and Sunday were busy, running around days. I did manage to clean house some and do all the laundry but the house is still in need of a good deep cleaning. I’m having a hard time getting motivated when there are so many other important things that need to get done. Like revising! Isn’t that much more important? 🙂

The kiddo’s room is a wreck. I think there’s every piece of Lego known to man somewhere on his floor. He got more Lego things for his birthday at his party Friday night and he’s already constructed them. I’m so glad he’s old enough now that he can do that himself and I don’t have to help. 😀 We grilled steaks and I made baked potatoes in the oven and sauteed mushrooms. It was awesomely yummy. Then we had soccer practice Monday night and worked on a school project that’s due on Friday. Homework is different this year especially since they don’t have to cram for the TAKS test.

Nothing much else of interest going on other than I sent in all my paperwork for the new book. Just got assigned an editor so I expect edits to start soon. And hopefully I’ll have a cover very soon, too! WOO!

Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend.

By Michelle

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