At The Movies

Whew… what a whirlwind weekend! Where do I begin?

Friday night was low key. Man and I went to a light dinner and then walked the mall for nearly two hours. Just walking, talking and window shopping. It was nice. Then we came back to my house and he watched his shows I recorded for him and I delved into my Entertainment Weekly and read the special Sex and the City issue (YAY!) while leaning against him and letting him pet my head (my favorite). There’s just something soothing and calming about that.

Saturday morning, I ran an errand and then the kiddo showed up at the house. We had lunch and then headed to the movie theater that afternoon. We saw Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and I loved it! The reviews I read kept saying it was “dark” but I didn’t think so. Oh, sure, it wasn’t the same as the first one but it never is. Afterwards, we headed home and I let him stay up late. Then I fell fast asleep on the couch. It was midnight before I woke up and headed to bed.

The neighbors behind me had a party every night this weekend. Loud, booming music and lots of yelling and hollering. The shut it down about midnight Friday and Saturday night but they woke me from a dead sleep at 1:30 am Monday morning. Yeah, I wasn’t too happy about that.


Sunday morning, the kiddo dived into bed with me at 5 am because it was…raining. No thunder, no lightning just raining. So we cuddled up together (because I figure I won’t get too many of those). I got up fairly early, made cinnamon rolls and then we headed to church. The service seemed very long. I think because they deviated from the normal course. They wanted to highlight the student ministry and that was all well and good but I found I kept looking at my watch. However, the kiddo enjoyed Sunday school thoroughly and came home with a thing of Floam, a cross, a certificate and a little card from the two teachers. He’s officially in the second grade class as of this next week. The two teachers wrote a lovely little card for him. It’s very sweet.

Once we got home and changed after church, I drove to see my mom. She made me a skirt and then we went to a late lunch/early dinner at Applebee’s (that’s the kid’s favorite place). It was yummy. I even had dessert, which I usually NEVER do. We visited for a while and then headed back home before it got dark. I hate driving in the dark, so I wanted to beat sunset home.

Monday morning came and we got up super early, got ready, and headed back to the movie theater. We say Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have to say – it had a very silly plotline but the overall movie was fun. Very Indy. And it had a happy ending! Love that. All the threads neatly tied up. I’m convinced Cate Blanchett can play ANYTHING. She was very convincing as a Russian scientist. VERY.

As soon as the movie was over, we stopped for lunch and then headed to McKinney to the cemetery plot where my dad and grandparents are buried. We met up with my mother, brother and sis-in-law. We visited out there for a while – and thankfully it wasn’t too terribly hot. There was, at least, a nice breeze. We checked out the graves, made sure they weren’t too overgrown and then after talking politics for a bit (hehe) we headed back home. Quite a long drive for such a short trip, but it was worth it. I think it’s good for the kiddo to visit the cemetery and know why. He told his dad later on the phone he went and saw his Poppy’s grave (that’s what all the grandkids called my dad).

I was so glad I had decided to cook dinner in the crock pot all day because by the time we hit the house that evening, it was done! All I had to do was make up some rice and steam some veggies and VOILA! Done. Clean up was a snap too. The kiddo and I hung out and had some great QT together. I think the whole weekend was a smash hit as far as QT goes (and cool movies). Not only did we GO to the movies, we watched the other Indy movies in preparation for #4. hehe It was a weekend chock full of movies! And what’s really cool is I finally earned a free movie ticket with my theater club card. WOO!

All in all, it was a really nice Memorial weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend.

And, oh yeah, today is my birthday… I won’t mention my age, though (and hey, I’m not “officially” another year older until 8:41 pm…) 😉

By Michelle

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