Author Copies!

WOOHOO! Look what showed up on my doorstep yesterday! Click to see a bigger picture. And sorry about the glare on Dane’s head on the back cover. I had a time getting the picture to take right without my big fat shadow in it to begin with. 🙂

So, um. Yeah. I’m pretty excited. It was great to see it in person finally. The cover looks SMASHING. I LURVE IT.

Last night, I wrote more notes on the fantasy book, scribbling scenes on index cards. They may not all make it into the book, but that’s okay if they don’t. The key is, I think, getting them all down on paper before I start writing again. Then I put them in order so I could see where the holes were – I have four more scenes to fill in and then the entire plot should be done.


Holy cow. I think I just plotted. And no one helped me. 😀

I have to agree with something Devon said – being a Pantser is something that’s going to have to become a thing of the past if I’m going to succeed at this. And that might have been my problem all along.

And, of course, as I’m writing all these scenes down, somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain there are new characters calling to me…whispering to me about their snowy existence… NO! I shout. NO! NO! I have to write this one first!

…but I may jot some notes down anyway…

Okay today I’m back in the office. I managed to catch up after class since I had taken my computer home on a just-in-case basis. I’m glad I won’t have a mountain of email to sift through. Well, I WILL. I just have already done most of it.

Tonight is Meet The Teacher night at the school. I hope he gets a good one…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.