Baby Birds

So today, I’m cleaning up the house. Sweeping, vacuuming, etc. It’s a nice day – not too hot – so I have the doors and windows open. I notice this little bird flitting back and forth from the front door. I have this wreath on the front door with a fake little birdie on it sitting on a cactus. (Click on the pictures to see them bigger.) I figure she’s made a friend with the fake bird.


So I walk up to the door to investigate. And the bird flies away. Turns out she’s built a nest in the wreath! The nest is just to the right of the red flower (see below). That bird sitting there on the cactus is the fake one. You can’t really see the nest too well from this angle but it’s there.


That silly bird has gone and laid eggs! FIVE of them!


I took this one from INSIDE the house, so you get a bit of reflection from the glass door.

I took the others from outside the door. Mamma was close by, keeping a watchful eye on me. She might be hard to see in this picture, but she’s in the tree in the front yard, chirping at me. You can click on it to get a bigger version. Thank goodness it’s not a blue jay or we’d all get pecked on the head walking in and out of the house. haha


Of course, as soon as the babies hatch and the nest is no more, the wreath is gone. When we’re not near the door, she’s sitting on her eggs. It’s cute. And I can only imagine the chorus of chips when the babies come. I hope I’m around to see them hatch. That would be TOO COOL.

By Michelle

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