Baby Shower Fun

IMG_5461There’s a young lady at the day job who’s expecting, which naturally means we had to throw a baby shower. The other two executive assistants and I put it together last Friday and it came out really nice. I bought decorations and we had cupcakes and punch and lots of gifts.

One of the things I really wanted to do was make this diaper cake. I’d had it in my head for a while now as I tried to figure out how to make one. Someone made one for me LONG ago when I was expecting and it came in really handy. Anyway, I headed to Pinterest and found lots of great ideas for diaper cakes. Some were SUPER elaborate but I’m a simple (and short on time) kind of girl so I opted for that.

I think it came out so cute! Here’s how I made it. I’ll list supplies first and the steps.


15 oz bottle baby powder
4 oz baby bottle
75-100 size 1 diapers (any brand)
Rubber bands, assorted sizes
Baby washcloths
12″ cardboard round (like for cakes)

Start by rolling 10-15 diapers and placing a rubber band around them. I rolled front to back. For the first tier, place the baby power in the center of the cardboard round. Stack the first row of diapers around the baby powder–this is your center and holds it all together. Place a rubber band around the first row. Repeat, making two more rows, rolling as many diapers as you need and securing with rubber bands.

For the second tier, roll more diapers. Place around top of baby power and secure with rubber bands. You’ll have two rows here.

Place the baby bottle on top of the powder. I used double-sided tape to stick them together. For the top tier, roll more diapers and place around the bottle. Secure with rubber bands. Wrap ribbon around the rubber bands to hide them and embellish with whatever other creative ideas you have. I used the baby washblothes inside the cake sort of like candles. Top with a topper of your choice. A small stuffed animal or rubber ducky works well!

The one I made was for a boy, but of course you can make it any color scheme you like. Have fun!


By Michelle

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