Back from the weekend!

Quote du Jour:
“He called it a drink thing. He never used the d-word.”
–Carrie, Sex and the City

Back from the long weekend. It was really nice. Lots of good friends, laughter, WAY too much food, and a whole lot fun. We plotted two books for two of the ladies. The lake house we stayed at (owned by one of the members) is just GORGEOUS. It was a terrific relaxing weekend with the girls and I loved every minute of it.

We went to dinner at a little place called Pastafina’s. I sat on the aisle side of the table and the waiter was young – probably in his early 20s. He smelled FANTASTIC. Every time he leaned over me to fill a glass or whatever, I leaned in real close and just inhaled. He was cute AND smelled good. That goes A LONG way with me. As we were paying our checks, one of the ladies asked him what kind of cologne he was wearing. The poor kid blushed bright red and stammered an answer. He was probably thinking we were a bunch of old horny women (not far from the truth…at least for me).

Anyway… it was funny and fun.

Got home to find my wonderful husband had done all the dishes, most of the laundry including folding and putting it away, and kept the house picked up while I was gone. What a guy! I came home with a TON of food no one wanted intending to bring it all to the office and forgot it all.

And got to the office to find my new renovated space… totally blows. Short walls, no overhead bin space. So I have no place to put all my junk. I’ve decided I’m just going to leave it all out on my desk until they fix it like it was supposed to be. Found out it was a mistake and we got the wrong stuff. At least those in charge are aware. That’s a nice thing because I was about to go ballistic this morning. I was moments away from throwing the biggest hissy fit of my life.

One of my supervisors called this morning and asked how it was going. “It’s just FANTASTIC! Can you hear the elation in my voice?” At least it was good for a laugh.

Unpacking caused me to blog late, which I hate. I prefer to blog first thing in the morning. But the crates are all unpacked. Now I have the pleasant task of moving back all the crapola that we moved to the other side of the office for the new carpet. Hoo-ray.

By Michelle

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