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Quote du Jour:
Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.
–Thomas Berger

Holy cow! I’ve been long winded lately. I’ll try to keep this entry short(er).

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I think I finally figured out what’s wrong with my WIP. My main character was in her early 20s and I just couldn’t relate to her, so it just wasn’t working for me. I upped her age to nearly 30, made some edits, and TADA I finally got back to writing again.


Finished edits on Talk Dirty To Me yesterday and then started looking at/thinking about Nice Girls Do. It was after finishing the edits I had my little epiphany and realized what was wrong with the story. Whew. I was really quite worried about the no writing thing. It was starting to bother me so much that I was putting pressure on myself. Anyway, I realized after revisiting TDTM that I could totally relate to Claudia and that’s why the story worked so well for me. I really REALLY like this book. Here’s hoping LSB does too.

So… for Nice Girls Do, I edited the first chapter and wrote a whole paragraph on the third. But then I got stumped trying to name my club/bar. I wanted to call it 0.8 (legally drunk limit here in Texas) but then there’s really an 8.0 in downtown and I didn’t want people to get confused. So then I thought I’d name it “Legally Drunk” or “Legal Limit” or something but they all sound retarded to me.

So, here’s your challenge for the day: Help me name my bar. Just give me a name of what sounds like a “cool” and “happening” place in a downtown area. I have nothing to offer the winning namer at this time, though, except my undying gratitude.
However, if I get the book published, I’ll mention you IN the book. How about that?

Anyhoo, so as I was trying to figure out the name of my bar, I ended up making character sketches for my three main characters. And finding pictures of them for the sketches. OF COURSE, my hero looks like yummy Gerard and my heroine is a cute lil redhead named Alyson Hannigan. Here’s my couple:

Awww…Aren’t they CUTE? 😆

Okay, first … Why I gotta wait THREE WEEKS for a new episode?? Second … what an episode! It was so emotional. There were times I really got choked up. I really like Jin and Sun. Characters with a LOT of depth and I’m so glad they showed how they met. I was going to be ticked if they hadn’t. And…now we know Kate has a thing for Sawyer. Smart girl. Can’t blame her. He’s YUMMY. Oh and if they kill off Sawyer… Yeah, I’m gonna be MAD.

Okay, I’m shutting up now. Really.

By Michelle

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