Back in town

Got home yesterday afternoon. I had a very nice relaxing weekend. I didn’t even think about the house…much. It was much needed therapy. I relaxed. I ate way too much and drank too much wine. But it was terribly worth it and I’m so glad I went.

It was raining by the time I hit the door. It continued to rain most of the evening. And the best part is a nice cool front came through. I actually opened the bedroom window and let the fresh air in. It was great! And the cat loved it too. I think he sat in the window all night long.

I had lots to do yesterday afternoon. Laundry, dishes, packing. Of course I ran out of bubble wrap again so I’ll have to get more before I can finish up the kitchen area. I have all but the essentials packed in boxes. I’m so ready to move and get this over with!

Wednesday I’m going to purchase appliances. Friday I close. Movers are coming on Sunday. My plan is to be completely moved in by the middle of next week, the apartment cleaned, and the keys returned. I’ll be so glad when it’s done. I’m tired. Mentally and physically.

Short entry here as it’s time to get to work. I need coffee!


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.