Back on Track – Somewhat

Song of the Day: The Mummers’ Dance by Loreena McKennitt

Yesterday, Sweetie Boy fell asleep in the 15 minute drive from in-laws to home. Getting him up was difficult. I threw together dinner and then did the dishes and by the time I was done it was 7:30! He pestered me to play games on the computer, so I let him for about 30 minutes and then it was bath time. Afterwards, he announced he didn’t want to go to bed but I told him since he was falling asleep on the way home and he had school today, he had to go to bed early. And I was totally exhausted from getting up at oh-damn-thirty I couldn’t bear the thought of staying up another second.

So I put him to bed at 8:30 and he was out in seconds flat. I crashed around 9:30 and slept like the dead. I love that kind of deep sleep. It’s the best.

As I was thinking about the next book in the Coffee House Chronicles (CHC) and I think I figured out what’s wrong with it and why I can’t work on it. I’ve made it too complex for the story so I revamped the hero and started working in editing and rewriting. Hopefully I can get more of that done today. I finally feel like I have direction on it again and that’s a very good thing!

There are a couple of contests I want to enter my revised Magic Within. The first three chapters are much better than the original version – I was trying too hard and had too much backstory with that other version. Two contests for sure I’m going to enter – Winter Rose (my own chapter’s contest) and the Merritt.

Still thinking about that dragon story too. Maybe I should work on that as well and get it polished up and written and enter it in a few contests and see what happens.

And that’s about all that’s happening in my little world.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.