Back online!

Hey I’m blogging today over at Chicas. Stop by will you? We need some traffic. hehe 

FINALLY. After being without internet for five days, I’m finally back online. And I have to say – it’s smoking fast!

By the way – the time stamp on this entry IS correct. I’m up way too damn early.

It wasn’t without an ordeal, of course. Getting the internet that is.

This weekend I nearly killed myself. I painted my office -which was the final room in the house with white walls. They are now a soft green. Anyway, I had been prepping for days. I broke my damn desk in the process. But you know what? The office looks really really good. And I really really love it. Very calm and serene and a great place to write.

And yes – I’ve been writing! I’m working on a contemporary and MAGIC both. I find I need the change of pace between the two stories. One is serious and dramatic, the other is light and fun.

Anyway. Here are pics of the new office. It’s not dreary anymore!

Here’s Before:


And After:

Office Makeover



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