Back to Business

The weekend was great with lots of fun things involved but last night was back to business as usual. I took care of a lot of chapter business (both local chapter and online chapter). It was good to get all that stuff done that I’ve been meaning to get done. Progress! Love progress.

Plus I’m launching a new incentive for the month of October for my local chapter-ites. The idea is to get them writing every day with a minimum word count. I’m sweetening the deal by giving them prizes at the end of the month. 😉 But you know, I figure if I can get them into the habit of writing every day, then they’ll continue that habit. That’s the idea anyway.

Am I writing every day? NO. But I hope this will motivated me to do so. I guess you could say the October incentive is a mini-NaNo. The total end goal is 15,500 words by October 31.

I also got my monthly newsletter scheduled to send last night. Which meant I had to write my issue of the serial story. Yeah, I procrastinate and wait until the last minute, don’t I? But I got it done and it’s ready to go. I can check that off my list of Things To Do now.

Today, back to work on the urban fantasy. That’s the idea anyway. Here’s hoping!

Hope everyone has a smashing Tuesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.