Back to Nature

This weekend, husband and son and I drove east. We were headed to my sister’s to deliver some furniture. It’s a good long drive, too. Three hours one way in the car. Such is life in Texas. You can drive three hours from Dallas/Fort Worth and not hit the border.

It was beautiful day. The weather was perfect – in the mid-60s. The sun was out. We were so glad it wasn’t hot yet. Perfect Saturday driving weather.

My sister lives on some acreage with goats, chickens, sheep and alpaca! I loved the alpaca – THEY ARE SO CUTE! And the baby goats are precious too (yes I know they’re kids). Oh and there’s dogs and cats, too. Lots o’ animals.

Being out there gave me a chance to put my new camera to use. Plus I got a basket of chocolate for bringing out the furniture. It was win-win! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!






By Michelle

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