Back to Normal for the New Year

The holiday zoomed by in the blink of an eye. At least that’s the way it felt.

We had all the decorations put away by New Year’s Eve. I’ve always heard it’s bad luck to keep them up past the first. I was glad to get the house back in order, though, after the Christmas mess. It just seems to take over the entire house. And once all the packages are opened, there is still mess to contend with. I still have tissue paper and gift boxes and wrapping paper to put away. In fact, the entire office looks like a tornado hit it. That’s my weekend project, though, among other things. Hopefully I can get some semblance of order in there because, woof, it’s bad.

I was pretty tired all day yesterday. Staying up past midnight at my age will do that. 😀 Makes me feel super old. I’ve had some neck and back pain lately. I’ve decided that it’s the bed causing it. I’ve switched out the pillow and still have the problems. And they’re getting worse. Either that or I’m really a lot older than I feel. It’s hell aging.

One of my “goals” for this year was to do a better job of blogging every day. I know, you are ecstatic about that. But I’m trying to do better. This week it’s blog hop week with the Plotting Princesses. We’re giving away lots of books to readers. My day is tomorrow, right here. Be sure to stop by and get a recipe. Here’s the scoop:

At each stop along the way we’ll give away copies of our books along with other goodies. We’ll share recipes, too, at a different blog every day. To be eligible, leave a comment at each blog you visit. A new winner will be chosen daily at each author’s site. At the end of the hop, one extra-lucky person will receive the Grand Prize.

Grand Prize: One lucky person will receive an ebook/print book from all 10 authors. Grand Prize to be announced on Jan. 12th.

BLOG STOPS EACH DAY ARE LISTED BELOW. (Click on the author’s name to take you directly to their blog.

Monday – Dec. 31st ~ Alisha Paige
Tuesday – Jan. 1st ~ Vicki Batman
Wednesday – Jan. 2nd ~ Kathy Ivan
Thursday – Jan. 3rd ~ Michelle Miles
Friday – Jan. 4th ~ Karilyn Bentley

Monday – Jan. 7th ~ Liz Lipperman
Tuesday – Jan. 8th ~ Sasha Summers
Wednesday ~ Jan. 9th ~ Sylvia McDaniel
Thursday ~ Jan. 10th ~ Willa Blair (Guest Princess for a Day)
Friday ~ Jan. 11th ~ Lynn Rush (Guest Princess for a Day)

The more blogs you visit and comment, the more chances to win! So visit with a Princess every day and see all the wonderful books you might win.

Be sure to stop by every day to post a comment for the Grand Prize! See you here tomorrow 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.