Back to Work

The snow on Friday shut pretty much everything down, including my office. So the kid and I hung out and played in the snow some more. It was fun. We had another snowball fight. It was generally lazy day. The kiddo played on his Wii, Man worked, and I watched three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy trying to catch up. I’m still not caught up but I’m getting closer to not being so far behind. We finally got out of the house late that afternoon for a trip to the book store (which produced nothing) and a trip to Starbucks (which produced a latte and an Americano). Back at the house, we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

I love the Olympics and Winter is my favorite. I love all the skiing, the ice skating, the speed skating. It’s awesome and those athletes are amazing. So we stayed up pretty late waiting for them to light the torch – which had a problem but they did get it lit.

Had to get up early on Saturday for my chapter meeting. Man and I were making coffee when there was a knock on the front door and lo and behold, a guy was standing on the other side with a dozen roses! I was surprised. And the first delivery of 2000 for the day (according to the driver). So I got flowers! And they’re beautiful and smell really good. Man told me he ordered them before January was even over. I was very impressed.

So off to the chapter meeting I went and it was great. Had an awesome speaker who talked about how to put emotion into love scenes. Then went to lunch with the girls, which I couldn’t stay long because I had a hair appointment. Got my hair cut and my roots done and my brows waxed and I felt so much better after that!

Back at home, Man and I went to Valentine’s dinner – we decided to celebrate early since we knew every place in the area would be jam-packed on Sunday. We had dinner at Outback – my favorite place – and I stuffed myself with prime rib and had the house Merlot. It was all delish. We stopped for coffee (of course) afterward and went home to watch more Olympics. He surprised me with a gift from Helzberg – a brand new watch! I love it. It’s gorgeous. All silver with a black face and small diamonds for 3, 6, 9 and 12. And all I got him was a giant Hershey’s chocolate kiss (but he managed to put a healthy dent into it before the evening was out).

Sunday we got up and had a leisurely morning before grocery shopping and then running some afternoon errands. The kiddo came by with a box of Dove chocolates – yum. Went to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy (got a move and a CD), Bed Bath & Beyond and Petco (for cat grass because Sampson decided the greenery in my flowers looked tasty and belonged to him!). My cat is spoiled rotten by the way. He followed me around a good portion of the day yesterday wanting either to be petted or to be fed. I’ve been buying the premium food for him lately. When he saw it come out of the grocery sack, he was all over me.

And just like that, the weekend was over. Which is a bummer because it was an awesome weekend and they never last very long anyway.

I did get my tax refund already and bought myself a new Coach bag with some of the money. The rest went into savings for my trip to Nationals this July and maybe another trip this year if I can figure out when to go.

This week starts another whirlwind of activity. Soccer starts up in full swing this week and we’ll be running between that and basketball, which doesn’t have too much longer to go thank goodness. But we’ll be busy which is good because it keeps the kiddo busy and off the computer games, which can be excessive at times. 🙂

Okay – that’s it for me. Time to get busy!

Happy Monday, y’all!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.