Yesterday was a very long day. It started at the usual time, but I didn’t have to get to the hotel for the banquet until 9. So after I dropped off my son, I went to Starbucks and had my latte :coffee: and a pumpkin spice cream cheese muffin. YUM

Anyway, the banquet was good. A bit long. :dead: I wore the boots and they did surprisingly well. I guess I finally have them broken in! As I was walking into the hotel, one of the doormen practically fell all over himself to open the door for me and kept gushing about how fantastic I looked. He must not see a lot of women. :doze:

Anyhoo, I went early to help set up which involved folding 200 triangles (don’t ask). I got to visit and see people I worked with the first time I was there. Since I’m in Fort Worth now, I got to catch up with the Dallas folks. Those marketing gals are still hysterical and still love to eat. And speaking of eating, the food was really good and the dessert – they had a three layer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. My very most favorite cake in the world! And BOY was it good.

It was the company’s 30th anniversary, so they honored the people who had been there the longest and through the toughest times. They also honored our IT department, which I thought was really cool since I’m buddies with IT. We got free drink tickets (I ended up with four) and I had two glasses of Cabernet.
Apparently, I can’t hold my liquor like I used to as evidenced here.

Told some people about my forthcoming book and I got lots of congratulations. When asked the title of the book, I got various responses. From 😯 to :grin:. Lots of people said they’d buy it when it comes out which makes me go:

Traffic going home was a nightmare. :dead: It took me nearly an hour to get to my in-laws where my son was. And then I still had to get home. I had such a raging headache and was so exhausted by the time I hit the door, all I could do was lay down on the couch and veg. I crashed around 9:15 but was up in the middle of night with alcohol woes. I guess no more red wine for me, which sucks because I love red wine.

Today Husband is working all day and Sweetie Boy and I are going to do some running around. I want to go to Hobby Lobby. And then who knows where else. So… I’m off!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.