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Hi, everyone! I’m blogging over at Greater Fort Worth Writers today about worldbuilding. Come on over and check it out by clicking here.

After much discussion about the wedding… we’ve decided to forego an actual wedding here at home. Instead, we’re getting married on a beach in the Bahamas. Half Moon Cay to be specific. I’m so relieved! Now I don’t have to plan the wedding and nearly kill myself over every detail. Instead, I called up Carnival, they plan everything and all I have to do is show up in a dress with the groom. It’s really ideal. I’m counting the days until I step foot on that boat. πŸ™‚

Had a good weekend. Can’t say that it was very productive though the Man and I grilled on Saturday, stuffed ourselves, and then got a wild hair and went bowling. It was great fun. However, 3 1/2 hours of bowling is about 1 1/2 hours too long. πŸ˜‰ Talk about sore! We could hardly move the next day. Everything hurt. I have a blister on my thumb from the ball. My wrist hurts from flinging the ball down the lane. I started off strong and then just went downhill. Man, however, started off strong and stayed there. While I threw gutter balls, he threw strikes and spares. He kicked my butt.

Managed to get the laundry done and watched half the football game. When the Cowboys got stupid before halftime, we turned it off.

Downloaded some classical music from iTunes.

And finalized edits on the novella. It’s done. Just waiting on my cover now which I’ll post as soon as I get it.

That’s the list. Pretty low-key quiet weekend. I hate it’s Monday already, though. It went too fast. Doesn’t help I’m desperate for my vacation to start. πŸ™‚

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

By Michelle

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