Baking Day!

Sampson thinks he’s a present. LOL This was before there were gifts under the three. I think he’s upset he can’t get under there anymore.

Since I was inspired by Devon and Lara, I’m baking today! About 6 dozen cookies and a red velvet cake. I haven’t done holiday baking in forever so I’m really looking forward to it. Man asked if that was fun. I said YES! He looked at me like I was weird. So I pointed out that he enjoyed mowing the lawn and what was fun about that?

I think part of my blog problem was that I upgraded to 2.9 and for some reason, it made something wonky. Hopefully it’s working now but I’m going to publish this post immediately.

Tonight I’m making manicotti for dinner. I’d make chili but the high today is supposed to be 72. 😯 Tomorrow the high is 45. 😐 This weather is crazy and it’s wreaking havoc on our sinuses. We’re all coughing/sneezing/sniffling and it’s NOT a cold. It’s allergies! Thanks, Texas.

Anyway – short post today. I’m off to get started. I have to clean house, too, and I forgot to buy batteries so I’ll have to go to the store today which makes me want to chew my own foot off. I stopped at Kroger yesterday on the way home and it was a madhouse. Can’t wait. [end sarcasm]

Have a jolly day, all!

By Michelle

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