Banquet Day

Yesterday at work, I was SUPER busy. I mean, I literally ran my legs and ass off. My feet and back were achy by the time I hit the door at home.

Today, you see, is our big Awards Banquet where we honor the best projects of the year. It’s usually a very long boring event, but my boss has some great things up her sleeve to make it way more interesting this year. I’m looking forward to it for once. That and visiting with the folks in the Dallas office that I never get to see. PLUS we get a nice lunch buffet AND two drink tickets. AND I’m planning to hang with some folks in the bar afterward.

And then some girlfriends of mine and I are going to visit The Man at his restaurant and have dinner. WOO!

Speaking of The Man, he was off work today and we chatted quite a bit. He had me laughing pretty hard at one point. He told me he had gotten an autographed hockey stick signed by #9 Mike Modano for his son. I asked him when he was going to score me some cool signed hockey stuff. That’s when I asked him if he could get me #44.

(Later, this will be known as the Grave Jersery Number Error, the phrase coined by Sysenlaw…)

Even thinking of it now makes me laugh. “Oh, I see how you are,” he says. “Just for that, I’m going to ignore you tomorrow.” When I laughed at that and said there was NO WAY he could do that he said, “Fine, then I’ll feed your friends but I won’t feed you.” He was, of course, joking. He’s Mr. Sarcasm. I mean, worse than me! Now that’s really saying something.

Anyway, so I’m telling Sysenlaw about this and she says, “Michelle, you just totally asked for Jaroslav Modry.” My next question was if he was cute. That would be a resounding NO.

The Man calls back later and tells me I’m “grounded” and that me being cute to make up for it wasn’t going to cut it. So I said, “I made a mistake, I want #43, NOT #44.” His response? “No, f*ck you, you’re getting 44. That’s what you asked for, you ass.”

Which of course made me crack up. I could hear him laughing as he said it. “I don’t think you’re funny!” I said.

“Yes, you do! Stop laughing.”

It’s nice to have that comic relief in a relationship. At least for me. 🙂

Last night, since I was bored…and since I have a digital camera and I like to play with it and since I’ve always said I was going to do it… I went driving to take pictures of the best and worst Christmas lights I could find.

Folks, I give you – the worst:

Okay…um… why even bother? You think one strip of lights across the garage is good enough?

I’m in the process of searching for Christmas Mecca, but I have yet to find it. When I do, though, I will most certainly post a picture HERE.

Okay that’s it for me. I must get ready for work and get my butt on the road. I’m totally stopping for coffee and NO ONE can stop me.


TGIF, ya’ll.

By Michelle

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