Banquet Week is over

Thursday was probably the most hectic day of the week. We had to get everything finalized and done for the banquet. Lots of gift baskets to make (we had over 20 raffle prizes) and lots of gift bags to stuff and lots of music to prepare.

The banquet itself went really well (and we ended on time!). The Olympic theme worked better than I imagined it would. We even had a flag ceremony with 7 “flag bearers” and our torch bearer lit the official torch. It was kinda neat.

My cubicle looks like a cyclone hit it. 😀 I still have lots to do. Lots of booklets to send out to the other offices. So that will by the task for this week. Plus I have to email out the PowerPoint presentation to the other offices in case they decide they want to use it.

Got home Friday night at a fairly decent hour. Picked up my kiddo and then Man came by. He took us to dinner at Rosa’s which is this fabulous little Mexican place. It’s not fast food but not restaurant either. It’s one of those places where you order, sit down and wait for them to call your number. But they have the best soft tacos ever. Even the kiddo plowed through his burrito.

Man had promised me shoes for finishing Nano, but he asked me if I’d rather have new doors for my laundry closet. New bifold doors that is (one has been broken for about 3 months). I said YES! So since Lowe’s was right next door, we went there and he bought me two new bifold doors. Nothing says romance like new doors. hehe We installed them on Saturday morning. They need to be painted but they look GREAT. And it really cuts down on the washer/dryer noise.

Saturday night was my RWA chapter christmas party. It was nice. There was good food and good conversation. And I’m officially President of the chapter now. Scary. 🙂

We headed to church on Sunday – it was the Christmas Cantata where they kick off the Christmas season. It was amazing! A 130-person choir backed by a full orchestra. I can’t tell you how awesome it was. They ended with Halleluja Chorus. There were many in the congregation that teared up. Yes, even me.

I made beef stew for dinner last night and it cooked all day in the crockpot and made the house smell lovely. Cleaned house after church while kiddo played on the Wii. Man came for dinner and polished off two large bowls of stew. Even the kiddo ate some. I was shocked. It was a nice end to a long week/weekend. I’m glad it’s over.

I have Jury Duty on Wednesday. I know it’s my civic duty and all, but it really fouls up my week. hehe I have plans on Friday with Best Good Friend to meet for lunch before I have all her Christmas presents for her family (I was her personal shopper).

Okay that’s it for me. I gotta get busy. Happy Monday!

By Michelle

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