Beat & Broke

Okay, so… I’m broke, sunburned, and have chapped lips and sore achy muscles. But this week was TOTALLY worth it. We had a grand time yesterday at Six Flags. And what trip to Six Flags isn’t complete without at least one self portrait?

Aren’t we dumb? HEHE But I think it’s terrific I got Sylvester to pose for a self portrait.

Best Good Friend and I started the whole self portrait taking YEARS ago. I still have the first ever self portrait…somewhere. I think we took it in like 1997 or something.

I was concenred about the baby boy and what he’d ride. He hates those rides in front of the grocery store where you put like a quarter in it. He refuses to get in those while they’re running. Hates ’em. But not today. He wanted to ride EVERYTHING. Unfortuantely, he’s not tall enough for the Titan, Mr. Freeze, Batman, or Superman Tower of Power. However, he was tall enough for some of the other bigger rides – the Runaway Mine Train (always a fan favorite), the Cliffhanger (which they’ve renamed as the Wildcatter or something dumb), all the rides in Spain (the big Conquistador ship; the Mexican Hat; the tea cups which had us laughing so hard we were crying), and my very first roller coaster, the Judge Roy Scream.

Wait times for the bigger thrill rides were at least an hour. We split up and I took the baby to ride some of the rides he could go on, while everyone else went for Batman and Mr. Freeze. We met back up, rode more rides, had lunch, and then rode more rides. *snicker* By the end of the day, we were pretty much wiped out. But we split up again and Brother, Niece #1, Nephew, and I all headed for Superman while the rest of the gang took the smaller kids off to do other stuff.

I have to say…that Superman Tower of Power…is rather scary. But I’d totally do it again in a heartbeat. I’m not even going to try to explain it, so I’ll just borrow the description from Six Flags’ website:

This is a 325-foot skyrocketing and ground-pounding, free-fall machine that has three towers with 12 riders per tower. This free-fall thrill ride catapults riders up each tower — feet dangling. Then, riders are dropped for a free fall all the way back down.

It’s awesome. I screamed my lungs out with Niece #1. BAHA

And that was the end to the day.

I was sort of worried how the day was going to begin, seeing as how I got rear-ended about 3 minutes from where I was supposed to meet up with Brother & Gang. I was so ticked, too. Car was driveable and we were all fine, but my bumper is cracked in half. Literally. It will have to be replaced. And I’ll have to deal with that for the next week. Not happy about that AT ALL.

I’ve already called the insurance company, though, and got the ball rolling on that so I can get it fixed and just get on with life. My insurance company is so great to deal with and they are actually going to file the claim on the guy’s insurance for me. Plus, I have an one of their “preferred” body shops literally 2 miles from my house AND I have rental – thank goodness – on my insurance that’s totally reimbursable. It’s a pain, but thanks to my insurance company, it’s going to be less painful that it could be.

Still. What a pain!

Okay I gotta get going this morning!

By Michelle

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