Beautiful Saturday

The birds woke me up chirping at about 4 am. That’s because I had my window open. I’m so happy I have window screens now and can enjoy the outside. I think I’m going to have that guy come back and make me screens for the front of the house.

I’ve been working off and on on Revision Hell Book. Mostly off. I’ve been so tired lately I have to get to bed by no later than 10:30. Isn’t that pathetic? I did get some good pages in last night though. I can’t believe it’s going to be May next week! WTH? Time just flies way too fast.

We stayed up last night and watched Night at the Museum. It was very cute and Sweetie said his favorite part was when they all came to life. Robin Williams was a great Teddy Roosevelt.

Since the baby boy didn’t go to bed till almost 10, he slept until 9. Got to the post office today and mailed the packages overseas. So that’s done. Waited in line for just over 30 minutes and then we went to get donuts.

The baby and I are headed to Ikea after lunch. I may not get anything…then again… 😉

I hope to get some pages in today. And I need to update my website. Guess I’ll go do that now.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.