Best Movie Kisses

It’s Valentines Day.

Pardon me but I think it’s the stupidest day of the year. I totally think it’s a made up holiday that some gal came up with to make her husband/boyfriend/whatever buy her stuff between Christmas and her birthday.

Yes, I feel this way and I’m not going to apologize for it. However, I will still take whatever my husband chooses to give me. AND I will give him something in return. I’m not that cold. 😉

Since it’s all about love today I thought I’d write about my 5 favorite movie kisses of all time. These are just my all time favorite kisses in movies. And NO, Twilight is not on this list.

Spiderman and Mary Jane (Spiderman)
He’s upside down! It’s in the rain! That is so hot.


Paul and Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
Yeah. Another rain kiss. Sexy!


Scarlet and Rhett (Gone With The Wind)
A classic duo. Scarlett, just admit you lurve him.


Sam and Josie (Never Been Kissed)
I loved this movie.  So sweet. And when Sam showed up… AWW


Jonathan and Sarah (Serendipity)
Kissing in the snow.


What’s your favorite movie kiss?

By Michelle

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