Yesterday was a much better day. Especially because it ended on a beer note with a good friend.

I also got these boots! Yay! My friend calls them “hooker boots”. But my Best Good Friend tells me that hooker boots go over the knee and are thigh-high. I have some of those too so I guess I officially have hooker boots.

These are Steve Madden and they are surprisingly comfortable. I can’t wait to wear them out! My Guy is trying to get tickets to the hockey game on Friday and if so I will be wearing them.

I’m having issues with my mail. Not big issues, really, but I swear I don’t think the previous occupant of the house (it was a rent house before) even bothered to do a forwarding address with the post office. The reason I think that now is because I got Ms. Carlisle’s Cosmopolitan magazine. Oh and I’m getting her Lane Bryant catalogs too. Apparently, she read Cosmo and she shopped at Lane Bryant.

Anyway… so I figured since I have a free copy of the November issue of Cosmo, I’d read it. I haven’t read one since I was about 25. Maybe younger. There’s a new section alled Cosmo Men and lots of articles about men. One was “How A Man Falls In Love”. Okay. I’ll read that. Sounds interesting. There are four phases for a man falling in love. Maybe I can learn something.

Uh huh. Right.

Phase 1. He sees you. He wants you.
Like, is this new information? No. Of course he wants you. Duh. That’s why he’s asking you out. It says guys daydream about the girl to the point of forgetting whatever they usually obsess about. Sorry. I don’t believe that for a second.

Phase 2. He trys to win you over.
Hey I love getting flowers and chocolates and a phone call because he was thinking of me and wanted to say hi. But I found this to be a little disturbing:

“From the moment I meet a girl I’m into, I start filing away tidbits of things she likes so I can reference them again later. If she’s into music, I’ll scour concert listings. I’ll read her favorite books. I’ll even mine Friendster for topics to bring up. It gets to where trying to find something she’ll like becomes an obsession in itself.”

Dude! Yer a stalker!

At that point, I stopped reading, threw the magazine down in disgust and went to sleep.

So I decided to come up with my own four phases.

Phase 1. He picks you and asks for your phone number.
Phase 2. He asks you on a date.
Phase 3. He sleeps with you.
Phase 4. He asks you to marry him.

Okay I’m just goofing around. Anyway, who needs a magazine to tell you of he’s into you? If you pay close enough attention, pretty sure you can figure it out.

Guess it’s time to get to work. And I’m starving. I really want bacon and eggs but all I have is these crummy breakfast bars. I have Darth Vader voice this morning since I drank beer last night. Well, that and the fact I talked myself hoarse. I’m thinking I talk too much sometimes…

By Michelle

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