Well today my injured finger is much better. I guess whatever was in it is gone. Thank goodness! It’s still sore, but I can at least type again.

Last night we were busy. When I got home from work, I paid bills (YUCK) and then we ran a bunch of errands. First it was to the post office to mail off a book for a winner. Then it was to Barnes & Noble for some Christmas shopping. I got two people taken care of and the Kiddo even talked me into a book, so that was three books I ended up buying. I’m doing my part for the economy. 😀

Then we headed to Walgreen’s for some medicine for the kiddo and the chips I needed to bring for today’s soccer party. I couldn’t face the grocery store, so I just stopped there. The lady in front of me in line nearly sucked my will to live. She was buying snuff for someone and they couldn’t find the exact kind he liked and it took for-freaking-ever and it was driving me mad. And she stank like cigarettes (she was buying a couple of packs of that, too).

Anyway… then we were starved so we headed to Boston Market for dinner. That’s a place I don’t frequent but I thought it would be something different and nothing deep fried and fattening so we went there. We both go the turkey plates and the kiddo ate every bit of his including half of my green beans. Oh well – they’re good for him! And we watched Kung Fu Panda again.

We got a cold front in last night so I put the flannel sheets on the beds. It was nice and cozy under the covers when I went to bed last night.

Today we have a soccer game at noon and then the soccer party and it’s only supposed to be 56 degrees so we’re going to freeze our bums off. And it’s windy. Not a good combo. I hope the kiddo doesn’t get sick. He’s already battling his allergies, poor thing.

I’m doing laundry and it’s nearly 9 and the kiddo is still in bed so I better go get him up. No NaNo writing last night but I plan to hit it tonight. After we grocery shop… ugh.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.