Better I Think

Wednesday was not a good day for me. I was very tired and not feeling well at all. The throat still hurt on one side, I had a sinus headache all day and congestion and then I sounded like I’d smoked cigarettes all night! (Which I hadn’t of course…) My voice was raspy and just awful all day.

I didn’t get any words in on Tuesday as I was still feeling a bit under the weather. So that was my day off for the week, which means I don’t get one this weekend. Tis okay. I made up my words Wednesday night by writing well over 2k and – TADA – I finished the story! Now it’s a quick read-through before sending it off to the CP and getting her final approval on it and then I’m ready to submit.

Next in the queue: the gladiator resubmission. I figure I’ll be ready to start on it this weekend if all goes well. Monday at the latest.

I feel somewhat better today. It’s alleriges – not a cold – but they’re annoyed. OH and it’s so frigging hot I want to die. Here’s a picture of an example of the heat here in Texas (my mom sent me this):

Yeah. It’s that bad.

Almost the weekend. YAY!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.