Quote du Jour:
“Hello, 911. I’m on fire.”
–Samantha (upon seeing a firefighter stripper), Sex and the City

First order of the day:

To The Guy from South Africa – Thanks for the laugh yesterday. It made my day. I’m not sure what the logistics of riding a penguin are, but I’ll have to consider the idea for future reference. Maybe if I’m writing some science fiction about Land of the Giant Penguins or something. (And you were correct in your assumption that my hero IS Gerard, however, incorrect in your assumption that my heroine is me. HAR) :hehe:

To Michelle – Always a pleasure meeting someone who has the same name as me. Hope you come back often.

Okay. So I have a Gerard Fixation. I can’t help myself. He’s just so bloody beautiful. If you visit my blog often, then you’ve noticed I change the picture almost daily. Almost, I say, because sometimes the picture needs to stay longer than a day. What can I say? I’m an old married woman. I need eye candy.:smile:

Spent the evening the other night watching all the “good” parts of Attila. By the goods parts I mean the kissing parts, the parts where he has a naked glistening torso, the parts where he just looks damn fine. I rewound, paused, zoomed and swooned.

I found a rather humorous blog by a college professor I think most everyone will enjoy. Check it out: Blonde Champagne.

I managed to start chapter 5 of the rewrite yesterday. It needs heavy editing, but I should be able to get that done today or tomorrow. The rewrite is going well and I really like this version a lot better. And there’s still the matter of getting back to the contemporary and the medieval. I’m just all over the place with projects lately. I like that, though.

I started reading Karen Marie Moning’s new one, Spell of the Highlander last night. Great so far! I got through the first three chapters, but I made myself stop, even though I wanted to keep reading. I have so many books on my TBR pile. And then of course I hear about more great books that I want to read. So many book, so little time!

Today I feel almost human again. Got some rest last night and the ragweed and fungus in the air must not be as bad. I feel rested and almost…spunky. Almost.

Before I close today’s edition, here’s your Shakespearean Insult of the Day: Thou dissembling fat-kidneyed pignut!

Get your very own here.

Mik out.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.