Big announcement!

Quote du Jour:
Ah hell.. I’m too tired to think of a quote today. So maybe that’s my quote of the day.

A big announcement! And it’s an exciting one, too!

The Scruffy Dog Review
Friend and colleague B.K. Birch has launched a new ezine called The Scruffy Dog Review. Several of us will be working with her on the publication, myself as well as Devon Ellington, Colin Galbraith, Angela Miller, E.L. Reedy, Lara Stauffer, Terri Dunham, and Mark Vender.

We have an open call for submissions of poems, short stories, plays, reviews, articles, etc. Check out The Scruffy Dog Review to find guidelines. We also have a blog you can visit here.

We look forward to your submissions!

Work Stuff
So. Yesterday I’m sitting in my fishbowl—I mean cubicle—when the movers come through. The guy is so totally cheerful and has a big stupid grin on his face. He looks right at me and asks in this sickening jolly voice if I like my new area.

“No. Not really,” I deadpan.

He looked destroyed. As if I insulted his first born or some shit.

Does he think I really enjoy being on display? Like I LIKE God and everyone being able to see me? I miss my damn wall. I want it back dammit. I think I’ll just be as obnoxious as possible.

Then they proceeded to install a ledge (sort of like a countertop) on the outside edge of the cube. There was a smart-ass young boy, and the aforementioned dude. They argued about how to do the stupid ledge. Then they wanted to push my monitor out of the way (it’s a MONSTER) and the young snot-nosed kid decided he would just shove it out of the way. Um. No. I told him I would do it and he gave me this death look.

I figured if he gave me any lip I could take him. The little shit.

Oh and yeah.. NO writing. This is really getting pathetic.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.