I just feel BLAH. This week has been the Longest Week Known To Man. Or is it just me? At least yesterday wasn’t blazing hot. Oh no. We get that this weekend. Hooray.

I somehow managed to sign up for about three online workshops this month. I have no idea how that happened. I’m doing a Query/Synopsis workshop, Archetypes & Stereotypes, Norse Scotland and I just wrapped up Deep Edits. I’m a little workshop happy lately I guess. But hey – I’m learning! And I really have a kick-ass query letter now, thanks to Gemma Halliday’s awsome query/synopsis workshop!

Not much else to report. I’m tired of having allergies. The only thing I’m looking forward to with it getting hot is that it will burn up all the cottonwood and I’ll be able to breathe normaly again. Ah… bliss.

And in case you’re interested… the other two eggs hatched in the nest. There are in fact FIVE baby birds. Here’s the latest picture. I’d say Mamma needs to feed them. 😀


That’s it for me, folks. TGIF!!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.