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Yesterday was a total nothing day. I did nothing.

Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I did get my Christmas cards done and out. I wrapped two gifts for two long distance friends and went to the post office. I laughed at the cat in his bag. Oh and he loves the Santa hat I dragged out of the closet when I was in search of a box. He attacked it most of the day. I watched two old movies – Glass Bottom Boat and Charade. I did the laundry. I worked on the newsletter for January.

Gaw. How boring. I only left the house to run to the post office and use the postage kiosk to mail my packages.

Incidentally, that reminds me… Saturday, I had to get to the post office to mail something else to another long distance friend and since the box was really small, I knew I had to take it inside and let them put postage on it (if you don’t have a postage kiosk, the labels are HUGE and I knew the box was too small for that).

Now I totally get it’s the season of giving and I’m all for it. Really, I am. But the Annoying Bitch at the post office needs to just throttle back. When I got there, she was the only one in line and I thought COOL! I won’t have to wait long. So I get in there, package in hand. I was still in recovery mode from Friday – fatigue was hanging on – so that could explain away 90% of my annoyance. The other 10% was because the woman was a total ass pain.

As soon as I walked up – and I do mean AS SOON AS I walked up, she started in with the “You can use the machine out there, you know.” Like, I didn’t know that. I told her thanks but the box was too small for that. She continues to tell me how it works and that I should just “go on out there” and use it. I totally wanted to punch her in the head at this point. :yelling: Then she proceeds to tell me how she was trying to get her overseas packages out and it doesn’t do International. Duh. Have a friend in Canada. Always have to come inside to ship. And then she continues to tell me how she had to get her packages to Denmark. At this point I’m totally annoyed and just want her to PLEASE STOP TALKING.

Just stop talking! I don’t care! YOU THINK I CARE?


Again I say – I was already annoyed because I had stood in line at the bank for nearly 30 minutes to make one measly deposit (I mean, what IS it with folks? Can’t you have your crap done BEFORE you go to the teller? And why do you need to check the balance of every freaking account you have? Don’t you know you can do that online? Hello!). And my feet were still nearly cripple from wearing The Boots for 15 hours… and I was just generally in a foul mood.

I tried to write yesterday too. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately but I seem to have fallen back into the slump. I tried everything to stimulate the muse to no avail. It’s like… I’m just on the edge of being able to write, but the visualization won’t come. I can’t feel or see or hear the characters anymore. I can’t picture the world they live in. Maybe because I’m trying to force it so much. I don’t know.

So instead, I looked at pianos online. I’m missing my piano something awful and I really have the urge to play. I’d even settle for a keyboard – an 88-key keyboard, though. I’ve been looking online and I must STOP. I have to stop. I can’t allow myself to spend the money on a keyboard OR a piano.

I have one more gift to buy for a long-distance friend. I have to get it this week and get it in the mail, especially since it’ll be to Canada. (OH, Canada…we love your alternative bacon…)

Okay, it’s time to go. I need coffee. And a lot of it.

By Michelle

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