I got my garage door fixed yesterday – it needed new pulleys and new rollers. Which of course cost more than I expected. It’s always the way, isn’t it? Oh well. At least it’s done and the door is super quiet now. And it works like it’s supposed to.

While I waited for the workman, I got some work done for the office. He got here about 10 am and was all done by 11. So it didn’t take him long at all. After he left, I packed up and headed to the office. It was just a weird day.

A very good friend of mine is in the hospital after having a couple of seizures and severe headache. My co-worker, the boss and I are pretty worried about her so I hope she’s okay. The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong with her yet. I hope she goes to see a neurologist after she gets discharged. I really think she needs to be in a better hospital than the one she’s in.

I got home last night and we had a very light dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking. The kiddo got his homework done and then Man came over and installed a virus scan software on my computer (since my trial period ended on the one that came with the new computer). Then we hung out and chatted until midnight.

And of course I have one of those not-enough-sleep headaches. It could be partly sinuses, too, since the weather is wonky.

I plan to get back my to edits today. Without fail!

By Michelle

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