Blink: The weekend is done!


So the weekend is over again. Done. Gone. I blinked and practically missed it. I can’t believe this is the last full week of October!

This weekend was Cleaning Weekend at my house. I got Man in on the act too. I had him move the washer and dryer out so I could clean up all the nasty lint and hair and other gross stuff with the shop vac. I don’t think I’ve done that in, oh, six years and boy was it nasty. He scrubbed the floors even. What a guy! I then went around the entire house and vacuumed up all the cobwebs hanging from the corners. I mean, you’d think no one lived here. It was a gross but necessary task.

I also played with my camera. The picture above is of our Halloween decorations for the entryway table. Isn’t it great? I wish the shots I took outside of the lights came out but they didn’t look so great. It’s almost Halloween and I’m super excited about that. I don’t know why. My kid announced this year that he’s “too old” for trick or treating (he’s 12 now) so he wants to stay home and pass out candy. I’m cool with that. Had I known that last year would have been it, I might have relished it more. SNIFF.

I’ve decided I’m not going to carve pumpkins this year either. I get sick of the mess and it’s hard work. Plus they rot in about a day since it’s so bloody humid here. They are disgusting to get rid of. Kid was sad we were carving but I promised we could next year. Instead I bought fake pumpkins and decorated them. I discovered I LOVE doing that. So much fun! I think I spent a small fortune at the craft store just for Halloween decorations.

We also bought a couple of things for Christmas already. Man bought is annual Waterford Crystal decoration and we got our annual Carole Towne building to go with our set. This year it’s “Michelle’s Cookie Factory”. I mean, how could I NOT buy that?!? It was fate.

I know I’ve been silent on the blogging front but I have been busy trying to get new stuff into the hands of you beautiful readers.

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I’ve started working on book 5 in the Realm of Honor series. This will be the final book. I’m kind of sad about that.

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