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Book Tour: Almost a Bride by Sarah Mayberry

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Sarah will be awarding a digital copy of Almost a Bride to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Follow the tour by clicking the banner above and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

Tara Buck has always been the good sister, level-headed by comparison to Scarlett, her flaky, impulsive twin. But when Tara learns her fiancé has been cheating on her with one of his school students, the orderly world she’s created for herself suddenly feels as if it’s falling apart. For years she chose the safe option, but from now on she’s going to live a little, stretch her wings…be a little daring. And if that means acting on the long-suppressed feelings she’s always had for Reid Dalton, then so be it!

Reid has wanted Tara from the moment he met her, but she’s always been out of bounds. Not only is she his patrol partner at the Bozeman PD, she’s also engaged. But then her relationship blows up, and Reid finds himself battling his own instinct to stake his claim with the finest, hottest woman he’s ever known.

Even if anything did happen between them, it would only ever be temporary – Reid’s a born wanderer, while Tara’s roots run deep in Marietta. So even if things are good between them, it seems their romance is destined to be short and sweet…

Tara’s twin sister, Scarlett, also has a Spring Brides story: look out for Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey. Details from


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00003]Reid Dalton pumped gas into his GMC pickup, one ear tuned to the conversation going on between his friends inside the truck. Grant was giving Brett a hard time for missing an easy layup during the basketball game they’d just finished, and Brett was serving it straight back at him with both barrels.

Reid grinned to himself, feeling pleasantly tired after an hour of charging up and down the court, trouncing the Bozeman Fire Department team. The informal competition between the police department and the firefighters had become a regular thing over the past few months. Reid wasn’t sure which part of their weekly matchups he enjoyed the most—the rapid-fire pace of the game itself, or the inevitable shit giving and taking that occurred afterward.

“You want to know my opinion?” he asked as the pump clicked off, signaling the tank was full.

“Not particularly,” Brett said, which earned him a guffaw from Grant.

“You both need to lift your games. Drink less beer, run a few more miles,” Reid said.

Grant made a rude noise, while Brett gave him a one-fingered salute. Reid was still laughing as he headed into the gas station to pay the cashier.

Then he saw the couple exiting the motel next door to the Gas-And-Go Mart and his step faltered.

The girl he didn’t recognize, but she was young and blonde and clinging to her man as though her very life depended on it. Reid watched as Simon Garfield said something before kissing her in a way that left no doubt whatsoever as to the nature of their relationship.


Just… damn.

Tara would be devastated.

For a moment he was frozen as he absorbed all the implications of what he’d just witnessed. Tara had been planning the wedding for the past few months and as her patrol partner, there was precious little Reid wasn’t privy to. Like the fact that Tara and Simon planned on having the reception at Le Petit Chateau in Bozeman, and that Tara was limiting her attendants to just her twin, Scarlett, and that today she had an appointment at Marietta’s one and only bridal salon to pick out her wedding dress…

Belatedly he glanced back at the car, hoping the other guys hadn’t seen, but they were both frowning, staring out the windshield at the sordid little drama unfolding in the parking lot next door. There wasn’t a doubt in Reid’s mind that they recognized Tara’s fiancé. They’d all attended the engagement party Tara and Simon held back in February.

Reid mouthed a four-letter word.

What a nightmare.

About the Author:
sarah-mayberrySarah Mayberry is the award-winning, best selling author of more than 30 novels. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children. Sarah picked up a love of romance novels from both her grandmothers and has always wanted to be a writer. In line with this ambition, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing and Literature. It took her ten years and multiple attempts before her first book was accepted. During that time, Sarah worked in magazine publishing and the television industry, contributing to the internationally known Australian serial drama “Neighbours” and co-creating teen drama series “Karaoke High”. Sarah currently splits her time between writing for television and writing novels.

She lives in Melbourne by the bay with her husband and a small, furry Cavoodle called Max. When she isn’t writing, she loves reading, cooking, going to the movies and buying shoes.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Tule Publishing


#TuesdayTeaser: Book 3 – A Knight to Remember


Hello, beautiful readers and welcome back to another edition of Tuesday Teaser! Today we’re visiting with Maeve and Henry from A Knight to Remember, the third book in the fantasy romance series, Realm of Honor.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“I’m…fine. How did you…know to do that?” she asked, her words breathy. As if she couldn’t believe he’d figured it out.

“It was a hunch. Glad it was right.”

“Me too. Thank you.”

“Now aren’t you glad I came with you?”

She smiled. “Aye, I am. You saved my life.”

“Where were we?”

He took her face in his hands again. Maeve’s eyes searched his, her blood-red lips parted as if to object but he didn’t allow her to speak. He took that as invitation and kissed her, their mouths fusing together. He heard her sharp intake of breath through her nose. Her body stiffened but still he didn’t stop.

She didn’t resist him. His lips molded to hers in a way they had never molded to another. His tongue dipped into the honey recesses of her mouth, tasting her. And she tasted oh so sweet. So delectable. So wonderful. The smell of roses rushed over them, enveloping them. A moment later, her body relaxed and she melted into him. Yet one hand pressed against his chest, as though she intended to push him away. She did not.

For the first time in a long while, Henry’s shaft hardened, straining against the soft curves of her body seeking her heat and dampness. Wanting her. His mouth devoured hers and now she returned the kiss, much to his delight. Her tongue was probing, needy. Her lips mashed against his, as if she’d allowed reckless abandon to overcome her.

But then, almost as suddenly as she relaxed, she shoved away and stumbled back a step. Her face was flushed, her lips damp and swollen. Her breathing was erratic, her breasts rising and falling and making him want to rip open her gown and suckle those pearled peaks.

He could see the crushed pink petals of a rose in one of her fists. Immediately his mind equated those velvety petals with her nipples—he couldn’t help but wonder if they matched the color and texture. She must have grasped the bud and ripped it from the stem. Her fingers opened, one by one, and the mashed petals cascaded to the ground.

“Thank you for protecting me, Sir Henry.” Her voice rasped the words, as though she had trouble keeping it under control.

Maybe she did. Maybe she enjoyed the heat of the kiss as much as he did. Now he had a problem—a large problem straining against his breeches—and nothing he could do about it. And he certainly couldn’t return to the party with a giant boner straining against the cloth. Oh hell no.

“I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

Why did he feel the sudden need to confess? He had nothing to be ashamed about. He was a grown man. Had they both been mortal, he would have guessed they were about the same age. And despite being in his late forties, he was still a strong, virile man.

Maeve gave him her best snooty look. “Why did you?”

His gaze flickered her to her lips and—damn it—she licked them. More taunting. More teasing. She knew what she was doing. He didn’t buy the icy queen act. Deep down, she was desperate for loving. He was going to give it to her.

“You allowed me.” You cannot deny you liked it. You experienced the heat as I did. Even though he wanted to say the words to her, he pushed them out of his mind and instead said, “I wanted to.”

“See that it doesn’t happen again.”

She whisked by him, leaving behind the scent of crushed roses. Henry watched Maeve walk away, the damaged rose petals on the ground at his feet. For whatever reason, he bent and picked up a few of them, rubbing the velvety softness between his thumb and forefinger. He placed the petals in his palm, examining them. Even smashed they were beautiful. He tucked them away in his pocket. He would cherish them simply because she had held them in her palm.

Friday Flicks: Retiring Zhora

Book Tour: Second Chance Bride by Trish Money



Trish will award a $20 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Trish will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour. Remember, the more you comment, the better your chances to win.

Cover_Second Chance Bride

Scarlett Buck has always been flaky in comparison to her sensible twin sister Tara, so nobody is really surprised when Scarlett spends all her money on a one way ticket to Australia to be with the man she’s met on the Net. But she hasn’t reckoned on the guy already being married, or her mom getting sick, and now she needs money for a flight home to Marietta, MT—quick. Signing on with Bella’s Belles in Kalgoorlie isn’t be the proudest moment in her life but it will get her home fast. After all, it’s just sex.

Or is it?

Mitch Bannister’s ex is about to marry his best friend, and he could really do with a cold beer and a hot woman. But the cowgirl he takes a shine to at Bella’s is surprisingly skittish, and in the end he leaves without hooking up.

Later, when Mitch spies the cowgirl in the local pub begging for a job, he shrinks into the shadows–he’s not looking for complications, and something tells him that Scarlett Buck is a whole handful of them.  But soon it’s clear she’s not just trouble, she’s in trouble, and like it or not, he’s not about to turn his back on this stray from the States. Especially if she can do him a favor in return. After all, it’s just a helping hand.

Or is it?

Now enjoy an excerpt:

“You look amazing,” he said, and it wasn’t his words that warmed her through and through, it was the husky quality to his Aussie drawl and the raw heat in his eyes. If she’d had any qualms that he was dressing her to make his ex feel bad, they were banished before they could take root. He was dressing her for him.

She’d never thought blue was a warm color, not until now, not until she’d felt this slow, warm glide of his eyes over her form leaving a smoking trail of heat.

So sex wasn’t part of this deal?

Didn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen.

Shoes and accessories were next. He took his time, not rushing and not checking out the sale items like she was, but going for top shelf every time.

She wondered whether he was as attentive a lover as he was a shopper.

And then she remembered that first encounter in Bella’s, and the hot stroke of his tongue against her breast.

Oh yeah!

About the Author:
Trish MoreyUSA Today Bestselling Author, Trish Morey has written thirty romances for the internationally bestselling Harlequin Presents line and her stories have been published in more than 25 languages in 40 countries worldwide, including being published in Manga comic book form in Japan, and as Trish Moreyova in the Czech Republic. Trish was awarded Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year Award (the Ruby) for short, sexy romance In 2006 and again in 2009, as well as being a finalist in the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Awards in 2012.

A qualified Chartered Accountant by trade, Trish was employed as financial manager at a major business school prior to her first sale.

Trish lives with her husband, 4 daughters and assorted menagerie in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Author links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | BN | Tule Publishing

#TuesdayTeaser: Book 2 – Only for a Knight


Hello, beautiful readers, and welcome to another Tuesday Teaser. Today’s post is from the second book in the Realm of Honor fantasy romance series, Only for a Knight. It’s the story of Elyne and Derron, the two Fae characters from the first book. I love this story. It’s very action-packed.

Elyne picked up her skirts and fell in step beside him. “Shouldn’t I be armed as well?” She steered the conversation as far from the two of them as possible. She didn’t want to acknowledge the need and desire Derron had managed to stir inside her. All she wanted to do was ignore it.

“You? Armed? Why?”

“All of you are armed,” she said. “You have a sword and a dagger. And I have no magic.”

“Fear not, dear prin—Elyne. I promise to keep thee safe.”

She snarled at him. Mocking me again. “Are you denying me a weapon?”

“Can you shoot a bow?” he asked, giving her a sideways glance. Even though he tried to keep his face passive, she could see the underlying smirk.


“Wield a sword?”


Derron chuckled. “Then, pray tell, what sort of weapon do you wish for?”

She’d never laid her hands on a weapon before but it seemed silly to be traipsing through the Woodlands Forest with nothing but her wits. She would feel much better if she had something within reach. Mayhap some sort of blade she could keep on her person. Something that could replace the fact she had no magic. She may as well be running around naked.

She looked over Derron, noticed the sheath tied to his thigh and knew that’s what she wanted.

“A dagger.” Aye, that would make her feel better to have one. “I know how to use that.”

“A dagger?” He splayed his fingers. “You have any ideas on where to get one? I don’t see Thuluke’s Weapons Shoppe here.”

Her gaze landed once again on his dagger. He put a possessive hand on it. “You want mine. Of course you do.”

“You could spare the dagger.”

“I could, couldn’t I?” Smiling, Derron unsheathed his dagger and handed it to her. “I expect you to take good care of that. It was a gift from my father.”

“It will be safe with me.” She ran her finger along the pearl hilt, admiring the iridescent colors dancing along it.

“Have any idea how to use it?”

Elyne blinked. “Not exactly.”

Grinning, he stepped behind her, wrapped his long fingers around her thin wrist. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

Derron’s body pressed against her back, molding to her easily. With her wrist in his hand, the delicious warm skin pressing hers, it was difficult for her to concentrate on his words.

“Thrust like this.” He pulled her arm back and then pushed it forward. “Aim for the heart. If you miss that, then the neck.” Heated breath cascaded over her nape. His woodsy scent filled her nose.

“Why?” she asked.

“Best way to kill a man, princess. How does it feel?”

Splendid. Though she was certain he meant the dagger in her hand. “It feels like a dagger.”

He chuckled and released her. “You’ll need this too.” He untied the sheath from his thigh. “But a lady, nay a princess, shouldn’t keep that in plain sight.”

“Why not?”

“She is more lethal with a hidden weapon.”

A mischievous light twinkled in his eyes, making her heart do a quick ka-thunk in her chest. Derron knelt at her feet, his gaze still on hers. When his hand went up her skirt and rested on her calf, she nearly came undone. Slowly, he slid his hand along her leg, pushing up her skirt to reveal an expanse of creamy white skin. Her heart throbbed, pounding wildly in her chest and ears. Her breath caught in her throat.

Elyne watched as he tied the sheath to her thigh in the same manner. She’d swear she could still feel the warmth of his skin on it as he secured it in place.

“There. The dagger?” He held his hand up for it.

She placed the pearl hilt in his palm and he deftly slid it into the sheath. All the while keeping his hands in constant contact with her leg.

“That should do it.” Derron rose to his full height.

He had two inches on her, his hair brushing his forehead as he gave her a wicked smile. He knew what he was doing and he liked doing it. She liked him doing it. Why did he touch her so intimately when they’d been at odds for so long? He’d gone to the court to have their betrothal broken and now this?

“Feel better, princess?”


But that was as far as she got when an arrow went zooming between them and buried in the ancient oak beside her head.

Friday Flicks: Game of Thrones Cometh

IT’S ALMOST TIME!! And because I love you, you need to see this. Especially if you’re a fan.

Book Tour: Lizzy by Krystal Shannan



Prize PhotoKrystal will be awarding a necklace pendant depicting the cover of Lizzy to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Follow the tour and comment! The more you comment, the better your changes of winning. The tour dates can be found here.

Keeping secrets is dangerous…and painful.

The last man who found out Lizzy MacLaughlin’s secret left without so much as a goodbye. Now, utterly in love, Lizzy holds her breath that her six-month relationship with retired army ranger, Ethan Hart, won’t end the same way.

Life is never perfect…or easy.

Ethan is head-over-heels in love with Lizzy, and warring schedules make time together precious. Determined to be together without interruptions, they plan a weekend getaway at his lake house –unaware the past Ethan is trying to ignore is coming hell-bent on destroying what Ethan holds most dear.

Will Lizzy’s secret tear them apart, or will something far worse threaten their very lives?


Cover_Lizzy“Mom has given the stink eye to every guy that’s ever taken me out. She has to make up for Dad not being here.”

A surge of jealousy wormed its way into his mind. “How many guys have you been out with?”

“Simmer down, soldier.” She giggled and winked. “My love life is boring and consists of one guy in high school and two guys in college. I wasn’t a nun, but it wasn’t like I got around either. You have nothing to be all caveman about.”

“Sorry, I was having a moment.” He really was. The thought of any other man touching her, kissing her, putting hands anywhere on her body made his blood boil.

“No worries, but would you mind terribly going and getting me a plate of bread and cheese. I swear the buffet smells like something died and then came back to life, but I’m starving and desperate.”

His concerns returned full-force with her joking comment about smelly food. Something was going on with her. It’d been nearly a week since he’d seen her eat any meant and that was very out of character.

“Sit here, baby. I’ll be right back.” He helped her into a chair at an empty table and then went to the buffet table.

The spread of food ranged from deliciously smelling barbeque, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, cole slaw, and trays of crackers, cheese, and fruit. Nothing smelled out of the ordinary to him, but he grabbed an assortment of crackers and cheese, along with a few pieces of fruit, just in case she might want some.

He walked back to her and set the plate in front of her along with another glass of water he’d snagged from a passing server.

“Thank you.” She smiled and popped a cracker in her mouth.

“Anything for you, baby. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well.”

“I’ll be fine. I promise. I’m already feeling better,” she answered and bit into a slice of cheese. “This is really good.”

“Little sis, you okay?” Karen said you weren’t feeling well.” Caiden’s voice over his shoulder startled him. He was the only one of Lizzy’s brothers who could sneak up on him.

“I’m fine, Caiden. Don’t you dare go telling Trevor or Harvey. I got a little overheated outside. I’m fine. Ethan is taking good care of me.”

Her big brother snorted and Ethan bit back a grin. The MacLaughlin brothers all liked him, but after walking into the dressing room this morning with Lizzy’s sparkly lip-gloss smeared on his mouth, they were rescinding their approval temporarily.

“I’ll come back in a little while and check on you again.”

Ethan turned in his chair and met Caiden’s hard glare. “I won’t leave her.”

“I know.” Caiden sighed and nodded. He stepped toward his sister and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled and patted her brother’s arm. “You worry too much. Go back to Lina and enjoy the party.”

AuthorPicAbout the Author:
Paranormal Romance author, Krystal Shannan, lives in Texas and is married to the love-of-her-life. They have a spunky young daughter who believes in fairies. Krystal professes to loving shoes, but avoids wearing them at all costs. She teaches in the public schools and writes as much as she can in her free time. If any more spare time can be squeezed from her day, she enjoys reading romance in all genres, but especially paranormal. If it has a ‘Happily Ever After’, she’s on board!

She is an active member in her local RWA chapter DARA.

Krystal Shannan
Putting Magick in Romance one Soul Mate at a Time

Contemporary Romance
Indie Published

Available at Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N

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#TuesdayTeaser: Book 1 – One Knight Only


Hello, beautiful readers! Today’s Tuesday Teaser post comes from the first book in the Realm of Honor series, One Knight Only. This is the book that started it all. This is how Maggie met Finn.

Maggie didn’t want to wake up but she had a splitting headache. Probably because she’d used a pair of rolled-up jeans and a sweater as a pillow. She strained her ears to listen but all she heard was silence. The rain had finally stopped and she could still feel the warm glow of the fire, which had to be embers by now.

Yet she couldn’t quite bring herself to open her eyes. She did a quick mental survey and thought it odd she wasn’t freezing to death on the cold stone floor. In fact, she felt positively warm and snuggly.

She rolled over with a groan, the mattress sighing with her weight and the linen covering swishing with her movement. Wait a second. I didn’t fall asleep on a bed. Her eyes blinked open to the pale morning light and focused directly on the fire blazing in the hearth, sending a warm golden glow across the room.

Maggie sat bolt upright, her head objecting to the sudden movement.

“What the hell?” she blurted.

She hadn’t fallen asleep on a bed. Nor had there been fine linen sheets to cover her. Her heart sputtered a fast cadence and her breathing increased to a rapid rasp, loud in her ears. She put a hand to her head, rubbing the taut skin at the hairline. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping she was in some weird dream. Yet when she opened them again, she was still faced with the blazing fire in the hearth.

She hiccupped, her breath catching in her throat as she realized she was not in the abandoned castle or the dining hall with the blazing fire. This hearth, it seemed, was nestled into a stone wall surrounded by tapestries. The stone floor was covered in a thick rug.

No, this wasn’t where she had fallen asleep last night at all.

“This is a dream,” she said aloud.

It had to be, right? It wasn’t real. Because it was the only explanation her tired mind would accept. Maggie slid to the edge of the bed, her bare feet hitting the cold floor and sending a shiver up her spine. Glancing down, she wore the underwear she had changed into last night—her lacy black bra and matching panties. But where were the rest of her clothes? Her suitcase? How in the hell did she get in this bed?

Staring into the fire, she mentally retraced her steps. The car breaking down, walking in the rain, getting soaked to the bone. And then the castle on the hilltop that was there and then wasn’t there. Yes, the castle. She glanced around. Was she still in that castle now? This one was fully furnished, it seemed. Whereas the one she ended up at last night was empty. And cold. And dark.

Maybe someone found her sleeping on the floor? She’d been so tired she didn’t notice when that someone had lifted her and brought her back to a warm bed. And any minute now that someone would bring her a steaming mug of coffee.

A groan behind her made her spin around, grabbing the linen and holding it to her bosom. On the bed, a dark-haired man she had never seen before rolled onto his back. He was shirtless, showing off every ripple of muscle and fantastic pectorals, the likes of which she had never seen in her life. Smooth, hairless skin with tremendous biceps and a narrow waist disappearing into the bedding that made her imagination run away with hot fantasies.

“Ooohhhh,” she breathed.

Who was this man? More importantly, where the bloody hell was she?

A soft snore escaped him and Maggie couldn’t stop staring at that beautiful chest rising and falling with every breath. His long dark hair spilled around him. And his face…


The word slipped out before she could stop it. His chiseled face hosted a strong square chin with a tiny indention in the center covered with a day’s growth of beard, a perfect nose, pronounced cheekbones, dark eyebrows. She propped a knee on the mattress, scooting closer to lean over him for a better look, amazed at how powerful his face appeared. Fierce. A man not to be trifled with. A man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

Maggie cocked her head to the side, enjoying her view, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. For a moment, she had forgotten the fact she was in a strange place. Her long, auburn locks cascaded over her shoulder and brushed against him. The baby-fine strands must have tickled his skin, for his eyes popped open and stared back at her.

Gorgeous silvery eyes met hers and she blinked and pulled back.

But he was faster than she. He grasped her by her upper arms and dragged her to him, placing her on his lap as his large, powerful hands gripped her hips. Maggie was completely aware of all of him now. A hot fantasy splashed through her mind as she shifted on top of him. What was under the linen was apparent between her legs. Every last inch of him. Her hands landed on his chest, her senses delighting in the warm, soft skin beneath her palms.

His gaze lingered on her face a moment before gliding down, pausing on her lace-covered breasts and then continuing his downward jaunt. He fingered the waistband of her panties, running the pad of his forefinger over first one hipbone then her abdomen and back again.

The small movement sent white-hot heat shooting through her, awaking parts of her that weren’t used to being on alert so early in the morning. Especially without a cup of coffee.

His hands moved up her sides then, desire evident in those depthless silver eyes…and the appendage on which she happened to be sitting.

“Now, lass, you best be telling me who you are and why you’re in my bed. Not that I mind, but I canna recall tupping you last eve and I always remember bonnie lasses I tup.”

2600 and Counting

Last week, I came to the sudden realization that I had passed 2600 posts here on my blog, Ye Olde Inkwell. This is amazing to me. Who knew I had so much to say? Not me. ;)

I’ve been blogging a…long…ass…time. Probably longer than most. THIS blog has been going since 2005 but before that I was on Blogger. That blog is sadly no more which is probably a good thing. Not that I (or anyone) would want to go back and read any of those old posts. I don’t even want to read the past from this blog. Mostly because things have changed so much since I started. Most for the better.

But it’s still a milestone. Having over 2600 posts is, um, a lot. I’m not sure how many people out there read this blog or even if it’s of interest. I keep it up because I like it. I like doing it. Not for any other reason than that. I guess I’ll just keep on keeping on until I get totally sick of doing it (or too busy). :)